Landmark Victory needs balancing

Recently I have had so many matches where I absolutely crush the enemy but still lose, because they decide to make mass horse units in the corner and just rush into my base and destroy the landmarks in 3 seconds. Of course, many of you will say " skill issue" but this just takes out the fun in empire vs empire, and makes it a " who tries to quickly destroy 3 buildings"

I understand landmark victory is made so people don’t leave a villager for the rest of the game hidden and leave the other person a hostage but for gods sake… At least give us like 3-5 minutes time just like the relic victory and not an instant loss when our landmarks get destroyed… It pushes people to not play the game as intended but make this specific units that are fast in destroying buildings and just rush your base.

If our landmarks are destroyed… just add a 2-3 minute time, if we don’t recover then obviously it is gg. High elo players are so desperate and disgusting at these type of cheeky strategies.

Sorry, but it is a skill issue.

You have stone walls (with the vast majority of civs) to defend yourself. What the opponent did is a risky all in when it’s the only comeback opportunity he had.

Well Stone walls sound great on paper, I was walled all around, but there is always a villager or two that will chop a small gap, etc etc. And late game is a busy thing you can’t check every gap. Also, I tried walling the landmarks but there are structures around it, the horses are just way too fast. And no matter if it is a skill issue or not, winning instantly if u destroy just 3 buildings is hilarious, not even a minute countdown.

I thought the post would be about Abbasid, since they are uniquely vulnerable to landmark sniping. I feel like you’re leaving some stuff out. If you were “crushing” them, and THEN they decided to mass horsemen in the corner, what were you doing during that time? Why wasn’t your army destroying their landmarks while they were producing horsemen? You should have a huge advantage in killing their landmarks first, no?

If your opponent was able to hold you at bay while simultaneously massing up for a landmark snipe, it doesn’t seem like you were crushing them at all. Rather, your opponent just decided to go for a risky gamble.

Honestly though, this is just one of those strategies you lose to once and then don’t make the mistake again. Yes, stone walls shut it down completely, but cheap wood walls and towers will delay and give you early warning. That’s enough to let your army get back. The placement of your later landmarks should consider this, you generally want to avoid clumping them together, as that makes you more vulnerable. (BTW late game there are 4 landmarks they need to kill, not 3)

If you’re blind on most of the map, and your opponent can run up to your clumped landmarks with no walls to delay them, that’s a “skill issue” loss.

by “crushing” I meant I won a battle twice, and i already rushed into his base destroying almost everything, he had no vils left, he just let them died so i thought he was afk… literally he lost all vils from my knights. So I was like gg no biggie, and literally I see tons of cheap horsemen rushing towards my base, I try to recall them but my army is mixed so some are too slow. I Took all my vils and prepared to repair my last landmark when he arrives there and still these horsemen destroyed it. I know that If i lost it then it is my fault, it’s rational. However, you can’t tell me that destroying 4 buildings can instantly lose ur game is also a bit too much? Maybe I am used to age of empires 2 and this is a shock but still… Let’s be real. Community gets violent here when a 0.3 milisecond AS on a unit gets nerfed but this is groundbreaking. And I wouldn’t say this strat is a gamble, I have lost to landmark victory multiple times. Maybe I am just bad at defending it, but that won’t change the fact that it needs to be re-considered.

Please don’t think I am hating on AOE4, I love it. I just find this type of victory questionable. (In a ranked match)

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You send 6 rams its GG

The problem is this only happens in low level, when I started the game and I was like in bronze-silver level was usual that one player just do 80 knights/scouts/horsemen and burn the landmarks.

But in this level players usually just get into their bases barely doing nothing, and it’s easy that one of them just mash horsemen and burn the landmarks.

I would say you need to play more and get better, and you will avoid this. As you climb in the ladder you will find this strategy isn’t viable anymore. If you want some tips:

  • Always scout your enemy to check what is he doing. If you find he is doing a lot of horsemen to burn your base, just put a stone wall in one of them and then make regular army, and when you think you have enough go kill his villagers/landmarks. No matter he tries to snipe your landmarks, he wouldn’t because one is circled in stone wall.
  • Try to keep pressure along the whole game, he wouldn’t be able to mass horsemen if you are constantly attacking his base.

alright dude… you just made me sound like a low level bronze imbecile… this was in plat 3. It’s still low level but cmon I am not that numb. Thanks for the tips however, I really appreciate it!

By the problem you was describing I thought this was happening on silver or below.

I didn’t mean to make you feel like that, I apologize. So in platinum 3 I find this very very rare. I’m between diamond 2 and conqueror 2 in team games, and diamond 2 or so in 1v1, and never found this.

As I said, when I started and was very noobish this was a common tactic.

Well, the victory by destroying Landmarks is something new in AoE IV, it allows the games to not go too far with opponents who continue trying to shelter villagers in the confines of the map as in AoE2.

To avoid that, in “Age of Mythology” it was balanced so that if you destroyed all enemy buildings that produced units, such as urban centers and military buildings, you won.

In “AoE3” you still have to destroy all enemy units, but there is spy technology in 5th Age to neutralize that.

In “Aoe2” there were also spies, but if you didn’t have much gold, it was redundant, and unlike 3, there was not infinite gold from rice fields or plantations.

In “AoeIV”, I think that the victory for destroying Landmarks is a positive aspect of the game especially for Ranked games and the competitive aspect.

Another thing is that there are strategies to take advantage of how to win by ignoring the rival army and destroying landmarks:

  • In theory one should know what the enemy units are like and expect various types of combos.
  • The Chinese Fire Lancer is very well known, especially in (Free For ALL) or team games. The best thing you can do against this is to take care of the position of your Landmarks, do not leave them free anywhere, if possible and the game extends to Lategame, build a wall or palisade on them, and a KEEp or several towers with bombardment so that deal area damage.

Remember that to build 40 horseman, the enemy requires spending about 4000 food and 800 wood, and that is not cheap, so if the enemy has that ability, you must also have the ability to use another countermeasure.