Landmark victory

Hi there,

Please let us be able to switch back to the old landmark victory when playing custom games, especially against the AI, playing against several in the same team is so annoying with the current landmark victory.

They keep coming and rebuilding each other’s bases as they are still in the game even though all their landmarks are down, and the only way to secure that doesn’t happen is to build 15-30 castles around their bases and that is simply not fun. It’s just frustrating more than anything.

The best way is to let us choose when creating a custom game with which landmark victory mode you want. For ranked games, I understand that the current landmark mode is more needed but please AI is not fun to play against now.

15 20 castles it’s too much, just a couple of tower with spring or cannon emplacement and they can’t rebuild

I still think that they should let us choose what way we want to play, personally I think that if you loose your landmarks its most your own fault. I prefer the old way tbh.

there is a mod that cover your need, i played a team game vs ai and when one player have all landmark down is eliminated… but i don’t know how to find it :sweat_smile:

Advanced game settings mod


Yeah a mod allows this.

I think one benefit to the new way though is that it makes Abbasid more viable in large team games. With landmark sniping they were a bit of a liability having only 2.

The AI is stupid anyway. Might as well give them something to work with.

I mean I get that it’s annoying but I feel like in the old system AI games were too easy, even on hardest.

On a different note, I hate landmark victories and wish they didn’t have it as a main victory condition (it’s nice as a landmarks game mode).

Losing landmarks should hurt but never lose you the game.

I don’t want the AI to change back to how they were prior to this latest patch, not at all. I’m specifically talking about the new landmark victory change which I dislike a lot against the AI because they didn’t test it thoroughly.

I know what you are talking about.

What I’m saying is if you could just eliminate an AI by wiping out its landmarks, it’s too easy since the AI is bad. At least if its team members could help it rebuild then the challenge is there. Otherwise compstomps in AoE4 are too easy.

I mean, compstomps are still easy. Only difference is that there’s an extra step of laying a castle next to each TC now. It’s just adding a step instead of adding complexity. It just prolongs games without adding strategy.

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Yes of course. Never said otherwise.

I admire the AI’s teamwork actually. I copied them and rebuilt an allies base recently and it was very effective. The change needed to happen to be honest, because the old way just allowed you to rush the AI down 1 at a time. I could routinely appear on the enemy base at 10 minutes with 10 spear, 10 archer, 2-4 rams and destroy an enemy AI’s two landmarks by 12 minutes, locking in an advantage that just snowballs as I take out the next AI.

Having to put towers down on destroyed landmarks is kind of annoying but it’s what you should have to do to hold enemy homelands. Gives a team a chance to respond.

The AI tries too hard to repair its allies tho. Right now a destroyed landmark is guaranteed to attract an endless stream of allied AI villagers. They just keep sending them as fast as they can produce them if you have a tower there picking them off. They need to realize when an area is too hot for them to help and stop wasting villagers.

Compstomps are not easy now. Beastyqt was able to win 1v7 but was working seriously hard to do it and said it was harder than getting #1 on the ranked ladder.