Largest army 234

Stats bugged? No way I could have had that many army at a time with 200 pop cap. I didn’t have any monks/ do any conversions.

Yeah weird

I do really hate the 200cap… after 80 villager/monk/prelates, a few seige engines and your capped, or a small healthy mixed army and ur stuck, u cant produce a second wave while your first is doing its thing.

Did you convert anything? That might have pushed you over.

No I had no monks. I’ve never converted anything in AOE4!

I think this one is a bit of a misnomer that we will hopefully fix in the future. That score, I believe, is total number of military units produced; not total held at one time.

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Thanks! Yeah would be cool to get cleared up.

The scoreboard is a total bugparty, so currently I think you can not rely on anything that is mentioned there except for the kills and losses. Especially the points are absolutely ridiculous.

Hopefully they will patch it soon :slight_smile:

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im with you there :+1: