Last 3 days

For the last 3 days everysingle match ranked or non ranked has been some mentally disabled kid spamming walls on the whole map blocking everysingle acces farming stone to just put a fort next to the bases to be annoying, because wooden walls are literally cheap af and can be spammed by 1 civ they do it since min 1 then u need several units and time to destroy it which in return they just keep building more behinde that wall making the gameplay absolute dogshit. Nerf this shit makes no sense that it takes me 10 untis to burn a wall in 2 mins but dude can build the chinese wall in 30 seconds with 1 unit.


Which league are you?

You already know the answer to that…:sweat_smile:

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At higher level you really never see that. Walls are not that hard to destroy and if they wall the whole map they would waste so much resources you’ll probably be ahead.

Make 1 ram if it’s just wood wall, or make more melee units.

If they wall only their base (less than half the map) just go gather all the gold stone and food in middle of the map. Make a lot of production building and at some point they’ll run out of resources.

In imperial the bombard will crush any wall very fast.