Last 6 civs

By the limit of the engine, We can have just 6 civs more for 2 or 3 dlc’s. What theme would You like for the next one:

  • West Europe
  • East Europe
  • South Europe
  • Central Europe
  • South Asia
  • North Europe
  • East Asia
  • West Asia
  • North Asia
  • Middle East
  • Mediterranean
  • North Africa
  • South Africa
  • West Africa
  • East Africa
  • Central Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Central America
  • Caribe Sea
  • Oceania
  • Other (Mention)
  • No one

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Rather than ask which civ, we should ask which theme we want. Considering none of the DE DLCs so far have added new sets, it would seem logical from an architecture distribution logic to add 2 American, 2 African civs and then probably either 2 South East Asian or Central Asian ones.

We’ve already got an Eastern European DLC, I wouldn’t buy another one


Tibetans & Jurchens for sure. Show East Asia some love and change the Chinese architecture while you’re at it.
As long as don’t get “tribe” kind of civs that don’t fit the medieval theme, I will buy any DLCs they throw at us.


Zimbabweans, Kongolese, Swahilis
Jurchen, Khitans, Tibetans


That might result in ban of game in china considering the political conditions there

If the Indian split is well received, then they should go for the Chinese split next…
Like India, the current chinese are the northern civ (archer civ). A new southern chinese civ based on a naval theme could be introduced (the biggest pirate fleets in history came from here).
And another inland/western chinese civ could be introduced (ideally Tibetans, but they can have a different name or dynasty title for harmony’s sake, like we have ‘slavs’ or ‘goths’ or ‘huns’ as diffuse titles in the game already).
…so two new chinese civs and thre new campains


Oh man, I was just going to pick all African options but I didn’t know it’s just one vote per poll.

Would be happy with something on African continent (add more to the existing architecture set) or a new one, Africa is a very large continent after all!

And after that, maybe something in Asia or America.


Yeah, same issue here. I hate polls with just limited options. Gives me the feeling that I can’t express everything I want.

Africa and America would be my picks too.

I don’t mind having one option, but I was under the impression I’d have to press Vote before my vote is cast, instead of just click and vote. Oops!


Do we have any source for the engine limit? Or is it just speculation because I never saw it being officially said but everyone acts like it is a fact


it’s an speculation, thats why i said “By the limit of the engine” We aren’t sure if they can change it. If they do it, it would be great.

I know the conflit, but it’s just history it’s not like we said actually it’s…

China i didn’t said anything i SWEAR I SWEAR I SWEAR


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my last 6:

  • Tibetians
  • Vlachs
  • Kongolese
  • Nubians
  • Chimu
  • Uyghurs
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Venetia with Venetian Galleass would be cool.


I hope for Africa next, as their medieval civs are the most underrepresented now with many options, e.g. Songhai, Somalis, Kanem, Benin, …
East and South-East Asia are also missing some, I’d say mostly Tai, Jurchens and Tibetians.
And perhaps they at some point make an American DLC with Chimus, another civ (Muiscas? Tarascans?) and a Mayan campaign.
But now, I am happy that India really gets to shine!


i want north african kingdoms next

If that theory is true, then maybe it should from all parts of the world not just one.

I would love an Italian split. And American civs too.