Last Cumans bonus

Hi everyone !

(edit for more precisions)
It feels like Cumans are actually pretty strong since the last patch. The -100w discount seems even a little bit too much for a civ with other great assets in Feudal Age.

I was thinking about some tweaking to balance it a bit, by lower the discount but extended it to Siege Workshop for compensation.

At the moment, Siege Workshop in Feudal Age has never really been a viable strat except in few cases :

  • For Arena early aggression
  • To build a Siege Workshop just before hitting Castle Age, and go for mangonels

It could make sense to give it more use, while adjusting the global discount for stables / archery ranges / siege workshops at -50w. It could be interesting to have a better distributed discount, to allow Cumans some unique builds in Feudal age without having a big powerspike as it is now.

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No. That would be insane. In fact, I’m not even sure the Cumans should been buffed in this way in the first place. Fast rams, instant GG basically.

Cumana now have much cheaper stables and archery ranges. That’s good enough already.


You won’t make feudal ram and castle age capped rams more viable on arabia, but also you make Cumans outright broken on Arena, especially at TG.

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Cumans seem to have an above average winrate already. Doesn’t look they need any buff.

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The siege workshop is already buffed as it’s now easier to add an archery range to have archers to support the rams.

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Eh tbh I think you guys are exagersting a bit, since feudal rams are basically non-existant rn. Howevdr if we had to give them cheaper siege workshops I would rsther change the bonus to “Military buildings cost -50 wood”. Tbh I dont think cheaper archery ranges fit Cumans that well since their imperial archery range options arent very impressive


IMO, it is too much already

The point with the proposal is to give more use to a rarely seen bonus (SW in Feudal), but in reality it’s mainly to scatter their new bonus cause we can all agree -100 wood for stable and archery range is pretty powerful atm

With this in mind, -50w is more coherent yes but not sure if barracks should be included

Cheaper barracks fits Cumans tech tree better than cheaper archery ranges tbh

No. Cumans are pretty strong right now. And tbh they need a tweak.
In 1800~1850 elo, they go for easy walling and 2nd TC or full aggro 90% of the time in my experience. Add that to the fact that arabia is way too open now and harder to wall for everybody else.
I don’t know about other elo tiers, and people from there might disagree with me, but I think cumans should get the wood discount only for either stables or archery ranges. Or apply it only to the 2nd TC and SW.


If anything is the new bonus that probably needs to be toned down to 33% (Is still a much bigger discount than malians bonus).

Well it depends, before the buff it was already pretty common to see Cumans go for Xboxs in Castle Age and switch to Kipchacks later.
But yes overall I agree they got better barracks units with FU champs and halbs, who could also be a fine complement to their siege.