Last Mongol campaign mission - Ismaïl repair bug

There is a point where you need the hero Ismaïl to repair a bridge while you’re getting attacked on multiple sides. This repair function works very very poorly but is crucial for the mission. The problem is that Ismaïl just does not react. Somehow I got it working eventually by moving Ismaïl to random places around the bridge and keep trying the repair ability. It cost me about 20 minutes and hundreds of clicks to get it to work, while deflecting attacks with an army that I was slowly losing. I’m not sure if repairing that bridge cost me anything but I saved up thousands of all 4 resources to make sure that was not the problem.

I think I just used villagers for that. Dont remember using the hero. Anyway, if thats the case it should be fixed.

I haven’t even tried that. The bridges seemed so campaign-specific to me and the game gave me pop-ups saying I should use Ismaïl to repair the bridge. Would have saved me a lot of frustration/tilt if I had tried that lol.

Anyway, yes should be fixed.