Late Game 2 Fps After Hotfix

After hotfix my gpu usage dropped to %2 on 3vs3 and 4vs4. game is 1-2 fps on late game, starting from mid castle. i tested this problem on other games np. but in aoe2 after this hotfix, my fps dropped to 1. what to do ? first they broke game with anniversary update, we couldn’t play a 3vs3 4vs4 lobby game,ranked for a week. then lag issue fixed (glad) and this came :d when i will play normal games like 1 week ago, good old days. cpu usage rising to %98, gpu usage falling to %2 on late game and fps fixed at 1-2 fps


still we have problem about fps … can you fix 1 more ? 2-3 of my friends still become yellow… and fps drops freezings starts ! we dont have super pubg computers guys…

no problem here, no more lag, game feels very good late game!

Similar problem. My game is unplayable in imperial age mp. 2070 gpu, 9600k cpu.


My potato computer works smooth in battle royale, when before had problems.

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