Late game ballanced - AOEIV

Sorry for my English I hope I can make me understand; personally I think the game is way balanced until the third age, the imperial age game is broken on some civs, maybe some ideas can provide developers with.

  • This is a RTS, so all the free incomes damage the gameplay, the spirits of a RTS is: u have to risk to get a resource, so if u have free income u can develop army without ur vills get in risk of dead:
    • Malians: Change the Grand Fullani Corral, now cows don’t produce free food (stupid mechanic coz u can hide ur vills on towers and still produce food and army) instead all the cows in the influence gains 50% meat and vills can gathered food 25% faster, also the corral works as a mill
    • Zhu xi: Meditation garden, this landmark is destroying the game balance u can go FC ins 5:30 WDF?, change as a Achen Chapel: Inspires units in a large radius. Acts as a drop-off point for all resource types. No longer free resources income.
    • Russ: High Trade House Produce double amount of deers, no longer produces gold or produce a maximum 100 gold per minute as a relic no more.
    • Ottoman: Blacksmith no longer influence the military schools, man u are getting free units and still u can accelerate the production with Blacksmith and university? No sense.
    • Ottoman: no longer has the visir point of 25% speed production for Military Schools (the Ottoman late game in this moment is danm hard to stop)
  • Some mechanics that have to change:
    • Japan: The last level of Daimio is activated in four age.
    • Franks: Put a new mechanic on fourth age to get better spearman or infantery, or a unit (like the bannerman) with influence area for infantery, cos franks now has a lot of problems in late game for the lack of good units that can counter late game of civs like: Japan/abassid/Ayyubi/ottoman practically imposible to win in a late game match against those civs
    • Zu xhi: nerf all the army mechanics on late game. Spearsman with powder? Granadiers OP? Zhukonu with one additional arrow? I can understand the concept of no gunpower but u can fix it only with the xbows
    • English: Reduce the amount of gold that produce the farms on IV age
    • Ottoman: Reduce the damage of the great bombards vs units or reduce bombard’s reach to make easy to counter them

if we want the game to become an E-Sport we need to work on the balance sheet