Latest update problems - DEVS please TAKE A LOOK - Urgent!

guys, what the heck?
does this game have to get worse after every update?

some of these problems didn’t exist before and are now a issue all of a sudden.
ok lets begin.

Problem 1: NEW problem
I ordered my villager to run away from the boar which was attacking it while my other villagers were shooting at it… my villager takes 3 steps but then TURNS BACK towards the boar, walks up to the boar and tries to fight it while i commanded it to walk away!! (infact i think it screwed up and tried to melee it). had to click him away a few times to get him off.
Analysis: command priorities/overwrite needs to be fixed here.

Problem 2: NEW problem/ old problem got worse
saw some enemy vils building a castle at the edge of my screen. nice. ordered my camels to walk around the castle to avoid nearby units and buildings, get to the BACK of the castle under construction and kill the two vils at work. Simple task right? NO. Microing was already much harder when DE first came out but it is now almost impossible because wherever you RIGHT click command the mouse, it orders to attack any target up to TWO (2) full tiles away from your click point. Absolutely ruined my maneuver as the right click command kept on highlighting the castle as the target despite being TWO FULL tiles away from my mouse pointer click (I was in a tight spot). My maneuver failed and my units died. Couldnt even walk beside the enemy castle
Analysis: Previously, right click would be accurate to half a tile, and you were able to pull in or hoddle up units or walk beside a target really easily without attacking it, allowing you to maneuver around tight spots and striking the right unit/vil/entity. This has now been dumbed down to layman’s level.
extra info: with old aoe2 and HD, there would be priorities with left click/right click select. say you had a tree nest to a tower, or a unit next to a house or a tree etc; as you left click it would cycle through, but with a priority to UNIT>BUILDING>and then TREE or other secondary entity (2-1 priority ratio or something lie every n^th click would select the tree or secondary unit). This was ruined when DE came out as you can almost never click something else which is behind another something else. It only clicks what is directly infront of the mouse pointer and fk the rest.

Problem 3: NEW problem
Tis is really weird. militia were chasing my villager, so i backed her into a corner and dropped 2 palisade blocks infront of them side by side to block them off. blocks were done and I backed my villager into the far corner near to the tree. Militia came and killed her through the corner angle gap between the two blocks what the fudge?!

Problem 4: NEW problem
Ok this is horrible. When playing previously, if you repeatedly right clicked your unit to go/do something or someplace, it would STILL do, but with a tiny millisecond delay. That was normal.
NOW, you right click to a place or thing more than once, and IT JUST STOPS moving.
Absolutely disgusting.

Problem 5: old problem got worse
played my game at 230-260 FPS but was still lagging like crap. ill look into this more though.

Problem 6: NEW problem
Garrison/ungarrison is whacked.
1: had men in my barracks right nextdoor to an empty tower (adjacent to the barracks is also palisades, gold mine block) but tower does touch the barracks. right clicked my flagpoint to tower, left-clicked on my unit cards one by one to send em out. some units were thrown to the other side of palisade or gold mine block, but swiftly recalculated and was relocated to tower. looked buggy. some units were stuck outside altogether lol.
2: anyways ungarrisoned my tower. some units were infront of the door, some were stuck on the face of the tower wall(inbetween/on tower). Guys fix this for heaven’s sake. The game’s been released 3 months ago dammit. We said don’t rush but you didn’t listen, at least fix these bloody bugs already will you?

Problem 7: OLD problem still exists
Rams are stupid. their pathfinding is a joke:
-simply trying to move a few is a traffic jam to begin with. commanding more than (2) rams or (1) ram with other units around WON’T MOVE properly unless you individually micro them.
-then, right clicking onto a/some targets? forget it.
a) either they roll a bit and then stop,
b)or they dont roll at all,
c)or they bump into something and then stop,
d)or they change course and go to a different building (always a house),
e)or they will be NEXT to a building on aggressive stance but wont attack.
Yes, ALL of these exists, and I experienced them one by one and listed them all. The best way to replicate/reproduce this error is to play Timur’s conquest of India campaign.

I will add more here as we progress.

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Idk about all this pathing and problems with ram and melee units bot attacking properly, but an issue that can`t go on anymore are villagers tht stop working randomly on woodlines , mines and berries. This is very serious, very annoying.


yes. thanks for reminding me. HD had this issue too. DE is continuing it