Launching problem


I have a problem, i recently got invited to the DE beta And after i downloaded the game i wanted to try it but it cannot launch itself (it says that im missing a launching file) so i tried to find solutions Like to taskkill the igfxEM module, which i still cant find on my desktop. After a discussion on discord we got to a conclusion that it has Something to do with my computer setup, specifically the graphic card (nvidia msi geforce gtx 1050 ) supposedly has some trouble with it. If anyone has underwent this situation and possibly found a solution for that, please tell me how i should do it.

Thank you for your understanding And cooperation!

Hi @WashedRhino1201, I take it you were recently invited to the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition beta. Is that correct? There is a common issue with missing an executable when launching the game. Please follow all of the instructions carefully in your invite email and then try to launch the game again. For further help with the beta please post a topic in the #age-ii-de-beta:age-ii-de-beta-support forum category. If you do not have beta forum access, please see this topic for help: Q: I was invited to the beta but I can't access the beta forums!

Yes, thats exactly it. But does that mean i need to uninstall the game etc?

No. If you carefully follow all of the instructions in your beta invite email you should not need to reinstall the beta. Please note that the game will perform an update of several gigabytes after you complete these steps but Steam is not downloading the entire game again.

Ok thank you for the info. Will try to do it :smiley: