Le Loi mission 5 won’t end

Game Version:

  • Build Latest
  • Platform Steam

Issue: I have defeated all the enemies on the map, but the game isn’t ending. Every enemy has resigned, but the mission continues.

Reproduction Steps: N/A



did you capture the monument building in the middle of teal city ?

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Yeah keep a unit next to the temple.

Game Version: AOE 2 DE
Operating System: Windows 10
Gamertag: Le Loi, unwinnable

The 5 th mission of Leloi campaing is unwinnable, i completed all the objetives and still i am in the game. I killed all the others IA but my allied one, wich is impossible to kill because has no unit. I stucked in and i cant win.

As the other people said, you need to capture the monument in teal city. As I have seen this being a point of confusion to many people, it might be better to specify it more visibly in the campaign objectives

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Thank you very much, after multiple intents i got it. The problem is that there is not a single mencion in the objetices or in game dialogues.

Thank you all for the report! I’ve captured the fact that the objectives are not clear and escalated the information you provided to the team for review. :+1:

Thanks again!