Leaderboard doesn't work when searching players with spaces in their name

When you search for “Nathan Amiet,” nothing shows up. But when you look at the first page of the 4v4 quick match leaderboards (top 100 currently)… there I am! I am assuming it’s because I have a space in my name?

Looks like search only works if you search for a complete name. I’ll get this bug/request over to the web team. Thanks @NathanAmiet!

Hey @NathanAmiet I tried, and then had a couple coworkers try, and we all are able to search for you. It’s caps-sensitive, so if you aren’t matching your exact name (caps, punctuations, etc) then it won’t work. Unfortunately this is one thing we don’t have control over. If you’re having an issue outside of that, just let me know and I’ll see what I can find out. Thx!