Leaderboard Suggestion!


I have an idea for a LEADERBOARD. This is something that could encourage players in playing. It is something that should be visible when you are playing, online. Not something that you must go through a website or XBOX or whatever. Next to your name, you would have your ranking, for example : 1st (best player of AOE : DE), 145th, or 1735th! This is something that speaks more than a score. Because you really get to compare yourself to the entire community.

How can we accomplish this? Simple. Behind these rankings, there would be a hidden score.

1v1 :

WIN : Against a better player : +10
Against a player with a lower score than you : +1
Against a player that has a way too low score than you : +0 (to prevent farming with alternate accounts or by playing against complete begginers just to improve your score)

LOSE : Against a better player : -1
Against a player with a lower score than you : -10

Teams :

First, it retains the largest amount of players per teams. So if it’s a 4v2, then the largest number is 4 players per team.

We’ll create a ‘Team score’ by adding up all of their players and divided it by the number above.

For example :

TEAM #1:
Pro_4840 (Score : 8000)
Mix_Fun (Score : 7500)

Total divided by 4 : 3,875

TEAM #2 :
Noob1514 (Score : 3500)
Beginnerxxx (Score : 2800)
Lalalalgrrg (Score : 6757)
Mumu (Score : 500)

Total divided by 4 : 3,389

Based on this, the system is saying that there is a much higher probability that team #1 is going to win over team #2. Now, if

The strongest team WINS : +1 for all who survived the match. those who did not : -10
The strongest team LOSES : -10 for all
The weakest team WINS : +10 for all who survived the match, those who did not : -1
The weakest team LOSES : -1 for all

In another world, let’s say we increase the skillevel of team #2 just a bit :

TEAM #1:
Pro_4840 (Score : 8000)
Mix_Fun (Score : 7500)

Total divided by 4 : 3,875

TEAM #2 :
Noob1514 (Score : 3500)
Beginnerxxx (Score : 2800)
Lalalalgrrg (Score : 6757)
Beastmode_on (Score : 7200)

Total divided by 4 : 5064,25

Now, the system is saying there is much higher chance of team #2 winning. Now, this is what happens :

If team #1 wins : +10 for succeeding a 2v4 against decent players even though they have a weaker average score) This only applies to all who survived the match, others get -1
If team #1 loses : -1 (or -0, depending on the gap the dev applies)

If team #2 wins : +1 for those who survived the match, for simply winning 4v2. But depending on the gap, it could be +0 too. It’s -10 for those who did not survive.
if team #2 loses : -10 for all


With such scoring in place, it could be translated into a ‘ranking’. So you know how many players you’re better than!


How to make rating system for AOE:DE?

On any given day there should be a different winner. I lean towards a system where everyday the winner for that day gets some kind of recognition like a star or a trophy. Ranking is important too like the 1600 system except you get a ranking for the day you play. Instead of it being based on your rating it should be a ranking. By this I mean if you beat a team or person you get an increase in rank for that day. The highest ranker is the one with the most wins that day and the each win gains a rank. A visual for the day rank should exist so you know if you are playing someone with 10 wins or 1 win for that day. Ranks should start at 100 and reduce by 1 for each game played and a win reduces them by 10 upto a minimum of 1 as being top ranked for that day. (10 wins = A Rank of No 1) . Your rating adjusts accordingly so you know in the long term who is a good player by looking at their rating and you also know their form on any given day by their ranking.


they dont even care about any suggestion


Since they don’t care about suggestions, I’ll pitch this out of subject suggestion here so I can’t say I didn’t suggest it. But why the ■■■■ do we have to log in to watch our stats? I have three e-mails so it’s really annoying having to log in everytime I want to check if people are noobs or not… #ok done