(Leaked?) November balance changes

Note: This ones are taken form an anonymous’ comments from the AOE wiki, so could be diiferent in the final patch, but who knows:


  • Blacksmith and Siege Workshop technologies cost 50% less food. (New)
  • Blacksmiths work 80% faster. (Up from 50%)

Another nerf
Their infantry speed bonus will start in the Feudal Age, instead of the Dark Age.


  • Battle Elephants move 10% faster (Down from 15%)

OH another one another one:

  • New Civ Bonus: Free archer armor upgrades.
  • New Castle Age Unique Tech: Watch Tower line +2 range. Replaces Panokseon and the current +Tower range bonus. Tower upgrades are still free (Bombard Tower requires Chemistry.)

Tatars (OH boi):

  • Town Centers spawn 2 sheep starting in the Feudal Age. I assume this includes the starting TC “Centers” includes all new Town Centers

HMOG there’s more:

  • Technologies research 30% faster, unknown if it affects aging up

Those are the only ones apparently leaked, other than Nili’s leaks of Cav Archer buff and Viking nerf


Well, time to through every comment section for civ pages.

Edit: Nevermind other people are doing it already.

If this is to be trusted, further changes are:

Turks: Scout line now has +1 pierce armor as a civ bonus.

Goths can research Loom instantly, but it will cost 50 gold.

Indians Camel units get +1 pierce armor in the Castle and Imperial Age, for +2 total (Up from +1 starting in Castle Age.) Team Bonus: Camel units do +4 damage to buildings (Down from +5.)

Didnt’ check all, though.

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