Leavers Should Not Get Victory!

I’ve played about 6 quick matches over the past month with this player named “0”. They leave the game early every single time! Sometimes it’s literally 3 seconds into the game, other times 20 minutes.

I’ve reported this player and begged to not get matched with them again but it keeps happening. Super ■■■■■■■ annoying. Nothing I can do but alt+f4 the game when I see them in the lobby.

Stupidest part about it is instead of getting punished this player simply racks up the victories. If they leave early and I finish the game, it counts as a win for them. They could theoretically join a match, quit, requeue, join a match, quit, repeat and get like 20 wins per hour for doing so. How ■■■■■■■ retarded is that?

I actually know someone that tried that…it does indeed work to rack up big stats quickly. You can, more or less, rack up dozens of wins & losses in a day if you wanted to, as, often, somebody from the opposing team will also leave to make the match even (strangely counterproductive their sportsmanship is).