Leaving game before minute 1

This patch changed it so leaving before minute 1 no longer prevents point loss. While everyone thinks it’s a good change. Reality is. It’s not.

As seen on another forum by Jarvin, here is why:

"There are just often situations where quitting before 1min is, honestly, justified, and DE hasn’t been making this much easier either: the lag in the past weeks has been frankly horrible(from one game with no issues to other where both players have massive issues to other where only one does); then you have also some potential game breaking bugs or some rare cases of known cheaters.

As long as being able to quit the game without losing ELO is a matter of being able to skip a potentially extremely unfun and uncompetitive game to be able to play a good and solid one, I think it should be very much allowed.

Though the arguably better alternative would obviously be to bring old save&exit back, where quitting the game without losing ELO was possible as long as both players consented"

To add onto this. I encountered someone who openly used a monk macro on arena and even when I report him. He’s still playing the game. When I want to dodge a cheater, why am I being punished by forcing to play such cheaters? Why is there not a better anti cheat system to detect such things? To make matters worse he even admitted to using it in game chat but as recordings don’t show chat. He can pretty much get away with it.

Until a better, fairer, anti cheat system and connection issues and lag are resolved. As well as occasional bugged maps. Please revert the change until all this is in place.

Thank you.

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