Legacy Civ Tournament happening this week! Tune in on twich!

ESOC and Ezad are hosting a high-level tournament featuring legacy civs, come tune it to see some top-tier gameplay from the best of the best! Sponsored by Microsoft also. There are sure to be some great matches.

Rules and Brackets here: 1v1 Hidden Supremacy 2 Legacy Edition - ESOCommunity

Announcements and Schedule here: 1v1 HiddenCup 2 Matches announcements - ESOCommunity


Why are a couple of cards banned? If you want it like legacy then make it legacy cards only, seems odd to allow all the new stuff but remove feitorias for portugal and pandours for germans.

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I dunno, but the only way to find out is to tune in!

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Yeah watched the last games, was quite good.

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because 13 pandours for 500c is a bug and feitorias is too good currently


if it’s a bug then fair enough, feitorias is subjective though and if that’s banned then hakkapelits should be banned.

Sweden isn’t a legacy civ so the entire civ is ‘banned’ - if it was a normal tournament I’m sure hakka would be banned too though

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Of course forgot about that.

I am sort of surprised, havent much discussion on it on esoc. Is the standard build for it still as a transition card into age 3 or have people figured something out?

its a 6 vills shipment at 6min30 when you ff for an age 1 card, also its eliminates the weakness that had port aka vills shipment and follow up early age 3, feitorias way too good, also people don’t even realize they can just 10/10 into 700c ff and age 3 at 5min30 so and with feitorias is just LOL

hmm probably should just make it an age 3 card then, its not even good as a going first card

Maybe swapping it for donatarios (+2 TC limit)??

Age 3 is a bit of a stretch though, it could be an age 2 card I guess and that delays the benefit a little. It is still worth 6 unupgraded villagers and whilst they’re not idled or anything they also can’t be distributed to exactly the resource you want, german age 2 3 settler wagons is like 6 villagers and frances 4 CDB is about the same as 6 unupgraded vills if you take into account market techs they’ll have by then. It’s also worth noting that ports are only even usable again now because of this card, it gets nerfed heavily and ports go right back to D tier for another year.

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The build is that they send in transition to age 3 to get that 6 vils worth so making it age 2 doesnt really solve anything

It’s not worth a 1000 res though for 6 unupgraded vills, even for 8 it’s not worth it.

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for a civ that has no vil shipment and in a ff situation where you reach age 3 with like 16 vils, its still the best eco card they have even if they were in age 3

like name an eco card in age 3 that gives you 6 vils for ports. refrigeration is 20% so you would need 30 vils already to have the same eco benefit as feitorias in age 3. what else? sending 1k crates?

It would still be their best eco option in age 3 and basically the defacto best card to send first, not to mention unraidable

Edit: like nothing about the card would change, the only thing that would change is the timing of when you can send it, ie: not in transition to age 3

Seems weak by that time, it’s benefit early on is the xp and a bit of extra res in case you get idled. How long would it take you to just make 6 villagers once you’re already in fortress with 3 tc’s? It might work but on pure resource value it’s a terrible age 3 card.

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Hmm why discuss feitorias here instead of a dedicated thread?

Excellent. What stage is the tournament in right now?