Lego Age of Empires

Hello guys, I have created iconic AoE2 buildings in Lego and if I reach enough support(10k), there is a chance that these creations could become real Lego sets, please support: (please go to the page, create an account-just using facebook, and support there, which should take 3 minutes)


Hello, @artizanlego. Does it really transform into Barracks and a Dock, with the same bricks? I would like to see the other buildings, if you have pictures to post. :slight_smile:

Well not exactly with the same bricks, but I believe Lego designers would overcome that. here are the other designs:

At this stage it looks more like the next LEGO game iteration! Fine work, mate, Iā€™m impressed how much you can imagine done with a pile of bricks.
I hope they approve your idea and turn it into reality. :crossed_fingers:

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