Less Cost for Secondary Landmark

Less Cost for Secondary Landmark.

Less Cost -25% for [Feudal Age] (II)

Less Cost -50% [Castle Age] (III)

Less Cost -75% [Imperial Age] (IV)

For Secondary Landmark at Chinese.

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I think the Chinese problem is solved in this way, and then weaken the fire lancers and grenadiers. The 50% HP bonus of the Bell Tower Artillery is changed to 30% or 25%, the bomber loading time is reduced from 33% to 25%, and the research cost is reduced from 700g will be 350g.

Not sure if the is the way, but something should be done about this. Its way to messy to play Chinese adaptive before a point, where you have anyway excess resources.

If the price of the secondary landmarks in each dynasty is 50%, then the peasant time reduction of the Song Dynasty will be reduced from 35% to 20%, and the speed of the Yuan Dynasty will be reduced from 15% to 10%. There is no need to change the Ming Dynasty because it increase military health by 10%,Compared with Yuan Dynasty the overall speed increase of 15%, there is no advantage.

Hello, Developers.

Hello, Developers.

So how this solves chinas early / mid game feudal / castle? They got worst win rates in sub 30mins games and all this would do is nerf their strengths aka late game

Landmarks would still be very underwhelming and bad and dynasty bonuses are great but only one can be active at once

I don’t think Yuan dynasty speed would need to be reduced at all, because we are all assuming that clocktower and firelancers are getting nerfed.

Makes no sense. Dynasty bonuses make the chinese landmark system viable and even now china needs to spent 2x resources to get similar bonuses as other civs get as baseline or for 1 landmark.