Less important cosmetic issues that'd be nice to fix someday

Game Version:

  • Build 2.7 (release) with hotfix


  1. Icons look terribly compressed (see Obelisk and Reginleif, for example). Berry bushes don’t even have a small icon in the multi-select area in the UI. Whatever you did to the textures and/or their format ain’t workin’, cap’n.

  2. Campaign trees have gods as their owner’s faction instead of Nature. In an extreme example, I noticed Nü Wa as the owner of both the regular and the mission-important Tamarisk tree in vanilla mission 18 (A Long Way From Home). I wonder if that causes issues to people who don’t have the TotD DLC.

  3. Norse Ox Caravan has the grunt sounds of a horse(!!!) instead of using its own files.

To fix, replace these lines in sound\soundsets(-xpack).xml:

<soundset name="CaravanNorseGrunt" volume="0.6500" maxnum="1">
	<sound filename="horsegrunt1.wav" volume="1.0000"></sound>
	<sound filename="horsegrunt2.wav" volume="1.0000"></sound>
	<sound filename="horsegrunt3.wav" volume="1.0000"></sound>

With these:

<soundset name="CaravanNorseGrunt" volume="0.6500" maxnum="1">
	<sound filename="CaravanNorseGrunt1.wav" volume="1.0000"></sound>
	<sound filename="CaravanNorseGrunt2.wav" volume="1.0000"></sound>
  1. Some low-res textures like flags and the shield in the Egyptian Siege Works may be like in the original but are rather off-putting.

  2. Something ain’t right with the way water is rendered…

  1. The already known duplicated upper-right pillar when connecting to someone in multiplayer.

  2. Unused upgrade graphics like the one for the Guardian Anubite would not only be nice to see, but would more clearly communicate the strength of the enemy’s army just like for regular infantry. It’d be nice to officially implement where applicable.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Just listen to me :slight_smile: