Less Resource Randomization for Spawn PLEASE

We all know randomness of AOE maps is part of its charm, but it can at times be frustrating. In many instances, game breaking.

No other civ in the game is more screwed than HRE.

The kicker: Relic spawns. I’m fine with relics spawning in random locations AS LONG AS spawn is symmetrical in some way or form. The same number of relics should spawn along an axis of the map, with the final odd relic being at the center. Ex: 2 on one side, 2 on the other, 1 at the center. I’ve had games where I went up against Rus that had more relics on his half of the map than mine. The necessary third relic was on the other side of the map.

To a lesser degree, Aachen chapel’s effectiveness can be greatly reduced. At the moment, Aachen chapel is the only way to go. In order to be remotely prepared for rushes, HRE needs Aachen buff on all 3 sources: Food, Gold, and Wood. Some spawn generations prevent Aachen from influencing all 3 from the start, so I would be forced to spend 50 on mill instead of lumber camp at the start. In so doing, I slow down my lumber intake, leading me to slower completion of production buildings, leading to slowed production of units to defend against rushes.

Please make it so that all three sources can be within the influence of Aachen. In fact, make it so that early game eco landmarks can have at least a bit of consistent result.

Apart from this, we have seen how some spawns have like 4 deep fish spots and the other side has none on hybrid maps. I also just saw a recorded game where one side didn’t spawn with a market whereas Mongol opponent did on Mountain Pass. How does that happen?

Please, have a bit of foresight and make maps less random.