Lest talk about game play

People say graphics are poor but game play is good

What this game has that others don’t have? Is this a - unique and original game play? No
Deep gameplay mechanics ? No
What’s new? Archers in towers, true sight (from coh2).
Cavarly charge may b? No
What you guys see about age IV that is good? My guess is that it just copied age 2 generic gameplay that was good 20 years ago and I can play DE edition to play it…


I see no reason to be excited even for that.
The little that we saw was really nothing spectacular. Unless it is and they hid it behind the buggy animations and the poor aesthetics.

Civs will play different, okay, we also had this in some previous installments.

On the other hand if you check their descriptions, they do not sound very much different at all.

  • Chinese, focus on defense and economy
  • English, focus on defense and highly dependable food economy
  • Delhi, focus on research & defense
  • Mongols, agile, ‘flanking abilities’, can quickly build up their economy with unique buildings.

So 3 out of 4 revealed civs are focusing on defense and have strong economy.

They all have 1-2 unique units and a couple of passive bonuses. Some of which sound very similar to aoe3’s asian dynasties.
The Mongols can move their bases, okay, that’s one interesting thing that we have. A stealth mode when units cross woods, that’s also something new that AoE lacked. Other than those 2 things and the archers on the walls I can’t find something. Combat looked dull, maps looked small which arise the question of how satisfying base building will be.
Many things were just projecting a very generic AoE look like those little browser games that try to imitate it.

Also something that bothers me is how all units and buildings lacked images in the UI, I mean… that’s so basic. In every title you have an artistic picture to represent the said unit or building which made it satisfying managing them, be it buildings or units. Now it was just symbols.


Well I was not talking about civiliztions game play because I don’t know how they will play, my complain is the dull game play, I mean in DOW you have sinckills imagine this on an medieval RTS, is the same boring fight animations of age2 ( again it was good back then but we are in 2021…)

Accuracy system? Not present
Catapult destroying terrain? Not present
Medieval period was dominated by cavarly, do we have actual cavarly charges doing any impact on infantery ? Not present.
Blood? Not present, Disney game
Elephant charge ? No
In coh you have solders crawling on the ground injured. ( already dead)

It looks simple and boring,

My questions is, what happened with Relic? That studio that use to be innovative, top graphics ahead of its time ( homeworld, dow, COh), deep game play mechanics that other studios weren’t unable to copy.

This gameplay looks generic, as I said before there are many RTS with same game play that offer better and deeper gameplay mechanics.


AoE4 is supposed to be a a successor to AoE2, not a re-imagining of the RTS genre.
For some people this won’t be enough of course.


Successor? Age of empires IV not lll also there are more than 20 years since age2 was released… I understand game has to be similar but if you remove archers on walls it is a copy paste.


I guess you’re talking a little too early.

age of empires 4 is pretty nice for me

What draws my attention when you write is that you say there is no blood in the game. If you noticed, there is no blood in the aoe2 game. If we look at the gameplay, we cannot learn much from the posted video. but in my opinion the combat management unit management game mechanics city building mechanics are quite advanced compared to other aoe games.

The terrains, mountains, in short, the environment looks very beautiful and realistic.

I know the game has bugs and I posted about them on the forum.

but these bugs don’t make the game messy and the bugs are fixable

These mistakes don’t make me hate the game. excites even more.

In my opinion, the game is fine even in this state, a single correctable error does not make the game bad.

What we need to do now is to wait for the beta to come out and not to criticize everything in an absurd way.

I also criticize the game, but I see the beautiful aspects of it.


Well there is such game with more modern day mechanics, basically company of heroes in medieval time. Here you can try on steam for free Ancestors Legacy Free Peasant Edition


Yes, Im sure they could still retain the feeling of AoE with all of those things that you mentioned and even more actually. As a new game it should offer some comparative advantages game play wise without having to deviate too much from the ‘formula’. or else aoe2 is still here…
And those things that you mention are not even the reinvention of wheel, many people would expect to see things like that.
Sometimes I feel that Relic has become really awkward with approaching their new games, don’t know tf happened.

There are some gameplay changes that you missed (compared to AoE2 - not to other games) :

  • mass conversion using a relic - maybe relics have even other abilities?
  • scout who can pick up deer - tradeoff between scouting and luring deer is now more important
  • units with abilities (e.g. archers who can place small piles) / hero-units
  • settlers using bows to defend themselves (edit: might be unique to english)
  • burning buildings (not only visual - but gameplay wise)
  • buffing troops (fireworks from mongols and maybe the “yellow-ish” aura on other showcased units???)
  • (at least) 2 different age up buildings
  • (maybe others that i missed)

We basically haven’t seen any “real” gameplay, yet people already start complaining about lack of innovation/evolution? Is this the next hot topic to criticize after the “cartoony” graphics - yet we havent seen barely a single scene with a normal zoomlevel and on birds eye view?

The devs clearly stated that the focus is on unique gameplay aspects for each civ, so wait for the other civs to be shown and then judge on that. Furthermore we might haven’t seen all the new generic gameplay additions to the game(e.g. changes in naval combat?).

Thanks for the link I will try it for sure, the thing it doesn’t has multiplayer :/, but yes that game nailed medieval feel, they don’t have a big publisher to helped them.

The issue I see, you need by RTS to have a fun gameplay a deep and complex gameplay, Ancestors Legacy has all the things you asked for, shure its fun to try out, but with only handfull of max 10 squads and no free base build game doesn’t provide long term experience.

And that’s the danger I see if wild, alien, different and random gameplay elements get forget together into a game, without a concept what is fun and engaging in an RTS.

All modern RTS simply lack the depths and variety to be fun.

I think it’s more important to focus in long term solution, be realistic and deliver first a good game by AoE4, based on AoE2 wishes. After Age of Empires 4, I think it would be neat to combine the deep AoE4 base build, depth and size , with Age of Mythology 2 setting with Ancestors Legacy/Company of Heroes gameplay and AoE3 card system.

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I think the settlers with bows are just unique to the English.

Personally I dont like units with many abilities, reminds me of moba characters.

Burning buildings, I guess you refer to the flame symbol over them? I dont know… does that mean that they take damage from getting burnt?

Coh2, has deep mechanics, almost not base building, different resoruces system and it is always gaining players, coh1-2 had a lot of issues at start but nowdays it is a solid game with solid community… So I don’t see your point… warcraft lll was very famous for many years, it has a complex game play mechanics and deeper game play system very unique by its time… Lest talk about DOW1 as well very unique and deep mechanics, it had a competitive scene at WCG ( very old) along sc1, DOW1 was ruined by THQ … again all those games with very complex and deep mechanics but fun and unique… While I respect your opinion I think you are wrong.

But warcraft 3 is meanwhile 20 year old beef, its no longer fresh
And AoE4 without complex base build would be a no go.

Just as example squads are a no go for AoE4, but in Age of Mythology 2 that could be a great thing, if 10 or 20 same soldiers stand next to each other, they can be very easy be told appart,each dead soldier does clear depict lost of health, if from 10 soldiers squad 5 soldiers do die, its clear 50% health lost, and considering how many are, they don’t have to be cartoony with bigger weapons to identify them .

We have to be clear what mechanics work together and which dont, or we end by DoW3.

Same, however im curious how they implement those abilities. Lets say you have 20 longbows selected and click on the ability - does every unit place a palisade or only some?
I guess I’m fine with it if they dont overdo it.

I would assume so. Thats generally the point - we don’t have that much knowledge about anything gameplay related other than generic stuff that already exists in other AoE games, so lets wait and find out.

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I never said that age IV needs squads…
So in your mind all games has to be like age2 otherwise they will fail. I don’t think so, we have total war games a very different and successful RTS, I remind you, before age 2 there was command and conquer…

My point is, each franchise has an own core structure, without it game is simply not fun to play.
Core structure of old school RTS games was depths and complexity.

And how successful are those modern simplified RTS games? Exactly they aren’t.
If we say just “change stuff”, it does not mean we get good stuff.

Yes, the MOBA mechanics were new for DoW3 or Mobile bases for C&C4TT, but they share one common mistake, they are simply boring, because they offer no replayability.

War 3 sold millions the same dow and total war well… I still don’t get your point, I never say we don’t need base building in age IV, I as criticizing it’s lack in game play mechanics that for my taste looks generic,

Actually yes there are cav charges present, watch SoTL’s video and he points it out

Just gonna point out that AoE3 was made in the mind of being unique from the past games and look where it is now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: