Lest talk about game play

Well age lll DE has many issues, I installed it and had horrible performance issues. With age2 DE is a different story.

I am referring to the original AoE3, it did not have issues like that back then

The problem with Aoe3 was the fan base wich didn’t like the new mechanics, but for new players to the series who start with it, they just love it!


The problem with age lll is not the graphics nor the game play, the problem is time period, medieval and classic are more popular and fun…


AOE 3 isn’t perfect but its a masterpiece. So much fun. I agree I think its that medieval is the main draw. I started playing on the original, and loved the castle age more, but AOE 3 just plays so much better I have made that my favorite and most played game of all time.

Once you actually learn how to make good decks and how to play your favorite civ, it just offers so much more than any other game. Its fast, diverse, beautiful, smooth, and innovative.

It gets far too little appreciation and I fear the angst towards it contributes to AOE4 having a rather safe approach when so many new features should be added (and some are)

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if u cant see new gameplay mechanics then its just a waste of time discussing it here

That’s true. I really hope there can be more new gameplay mechanics.
Yes, they have stealth system for forests and archers on the wall.
But I do not think that’s enough for a new game.
I really hope AOE4 can have add hero system, which will provide more strategies for players.

They confirmed heroes a while ago

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Only one civ will have a hero, so none of the others will. Your comment seems a little misleading.

What civ?

Mongol is the only civ going to have a hero unit. You actually see that unit in the fan preivew. At one point he shoots some blue firework up in the air.

Where did they say Mongols are the only civ with a hero unit?

I am pretty sure I heard it from someone in a youtube video, who said that they knew it for a fact.

If you could post the video that’d be great, if you can’t find it I will just assume that you simply misheard the guy

I am not going to rewatch this to confirm it, but I am pretty sure this is the video: AoE4 Community Council and my involvement + Some AoE4 Info - YouTube

Look in the description:
27:33​ Are there Hero units?

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I’ll watch it sometime when I can watch the whole video

I justed watched the part at (27:33), so yeah, it is the video I was thinking of. He starts the video off by saying that everything he says is a fact.

Well in that case he just violated his agreement with MS by revealing something that wasn’t already revealed, and if I was him I wouldn’t be treading that line so I doubt that it is all fact

So what do they say there.

the compiler does not work.

And I don’t speak much English.


No, he isn’t leaking anything. He says “the ‘extra info’ he provides have been confirmed with the appropriate people”.