Lest talk about game play

I have seen nobody say that the Mongols are unique in having a hero unit, and he could just be saying that it has been “confirmed with the appropriate people”

Hm i’m an undergraduate history student what you are saying is innacurate : Medieval period was not dominated by cavalry but by pikes. Cavalry was only used to outmaneuver and break formations causing troops to panic and to desert. Horses were expensive so it was the privilege of the wealthy. Using smartly a horse could change the course of the battle that’s why the noblemen used it. But Pikes were what dominated the battlefields. When pikes became longer cavarly became less effective and too expensive (full plate armor against long pikes was needed). Pikes in formation > than cavalry and swordsmen (except zweihander). Pikes in formation are what dominated battlefields during middle ages until gunpowder took over. Even samourais fight with spears and rarely with swords. Swords were mainly a backup weapon when your pike or lance broke. However if we talk about horses in asia and mainly in mongolia that’s anther story because composite bow + horses were better than anything. In conclusion : Range = op. A spear as more range than a sword, so does a bow. In fact it is funny because everyone thinks cavalry = op but not at all. A lot of the big failures in important medieval battles were due because of cavalry charging like idiots.

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Do you mean Khan?I think it is just a unique unit instead of a hero unit.