Let me know how this is right

This is a treaty match on Orinoco. The red player is Lakota while the pink one is Aztec. Lakota have gathered more of every resource, not just food (note: he hadnt food silos on deck) while they have 15 villagers at the plaza most of the treaty time while aztec had all 99 working. I couldn’t take screenshot as the game disconnected :upside_down_face:

their villagers not just gather faster from hunting and trees, they earn coin and XP too, being the most efficient ones. Ooh yes their states suck, but who needs them when fur trade is available??

Then we have the teepees: 1800 HP buildings that boost attack, gathering rates, training speed, hitpoints of units, idk I have lost the count while they just cost 50 wood. A barracks cost 200 wood, that means that tepees have 3x times HP per wood spent. (meanwhile indians just get an expensive wonder that can’t be rebuilt for a little area)

If thats not enough they have the WC, that again, boost (siege too) attack and speed of units.

Am I the only one that sees this irrational or I’m crazy? @Erchere @dansil92 @vitorcxb20


Idk. Maybe it’s different at higher levels, but I still struggle playing as Lakota in treaty because of the lack of culvs and anti-infantry canons. I think it’s good they changed tepees because the old ones led to absurdly high unit stats.

isso e normal eles tem a carta infinita de bisão com todas as card de caça, e a ultima age up 5 de 50% taxa de coleta em caças eles tem taxa mais alta em caças ± 2.35 food secs usando a carta de de comercio de peles em teoria eles tem agora a 3º melhor economia do jogo

com o bisão infinito

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I know, thats the issue, they gather EVERYTHING faster


Lakota is still OP AF.
Change my mind.


I’m not seeing them much now so hard to say.