Let’s talk a next is big update spring

What talking about the Horizon is big update for spring of new cards new units and new build new maps new Revolutionary country new politician and new a special event for spring i want to Interesting :smile:

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me gustaria saber a que se refiere con “evento especial” suena bastante guay

That event is very probably to allow players to earn past rewards of mods and profile pics.

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Keep expectatives down and win.

Anyway, I hope that on spring we will get Persians. Is the biggest empire lacking on AoE 3.


I agree. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think the future event could be a closing event, I don’t think they will add any civilizations except Brazil and then they will most likely gradually leave the game.

These are my current expectations. :upside_down_face:

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think they will add the Persians, they are a lot of work for the small number of active players, which translates to few sales, I don’t think it’s profitable.

Maybe they will add some Persian skin for some explorer. :upside_down_face:

por que dices tan bajo numero de jugadores? cuando hace unos pocos dias heramos 7000 simultaneos xd

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in my opinion for a triple A those numbers are nothing, let’s assume that AOE3 has 21000 active players at the same time and they all buy everything that the developers do, only in that situation we can talk about profitable DLC.

aoe 3 no es un triple A amigo (o al menos por lo que piden los estanderes hoy en dia) hay que recordar que los rts son un genero de nicho y que hoy en dia lo llevan lo shooters y mobas, sin mencionar que el 3 fue mal visto por muchos dandole mala fama haciendo que su comunidad fuera pequeña, pero aun asi a logrado mantenerse por 18 años, eso ya es mucho decir y que muchos juegos desearian tener, e visto juegos shooter mas recientes con menos jugadores que aoe 3

Very nice and emotional, but companies care little or nothing, at the end of the day the company cares about earning as much money as possible with as little effort as possible, I’m not saying that you have to lose hope, but the game is not move enough numbers to justify long-term investments.

I think AOE3 will be gradually abandoned and history will repeat itself, I don’t want you to feel bad, but niche games don’t usually last long, there are exceptions like AOE2 that kept a lot of players, but I don’t think the AOE3 will survive as long as most people want to think.

Hopefully I’m wrong and more civilizations, maps, game modes, campaigns, revolutions, etc. are added.

Until then I will continue to think that this may be the last year of content for AOE3 and the beginning of a gradual abandonment of the game by the company.

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Of course I hope new cards new politician new revolution and new build Add university to all European camps it’s they The most important thing you want to see is to add

nah prefiero no ser tan negativo con el asunto, solo dire que Aoe 2 pudo manternerse por los nostalgicos y ortodoxos y aoe 3 por su cuenta asi de simple

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the Persian in coming they Never give up aoe3de but they It is impossible to give up,but they easily to continue to do dlc for all things

So, we must be developer need for change in big update of a special event and making the new civs