Let’s talk about training time cards

Age 2 cards give me the most frustration. I can see a lot of cards that are seemingly useful but age 2 card slot is too crowded. In the end it is always vils+resources+a few units+one or two key improvement cards+ship for water maps (optional).
Now are age 2 training time cards (fencing/riding/engineering school) ever useful? I personally rarely see and use them. Except maybe Russians that want to go for insta-training but that’s still a cheese strategy and very situational.

In treaty they may be useful. I’m not familiar with that.

US and Mexico (and now Spain) have bundled training time cards with a small additional buff in age 3. The training time decrease is smaller of course but it is still better than not using fencing/riding school at all.
Do people think there is need to make those cards more viable? How?


In the treaty they are indispensable, but the problem is that there are too many important cards in age 2, which once you fill the slot, some military or economic cards are discarded. I think they could be moved to age 3 or age 4 without any major impact.


Useful for russia and aztecs for sure.

Essential for treaty. Rarely worth it in supremacy.

Creo que el paso a seguir seria el que los desarrolladores hicieron con las tarjetas Mexicanas y Españolas. Todas las civilizaciones deberían poder acceder a una tarjeta similar.

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One of the things that I think could have been done better by ES and later on with FE is either getting rid of redundant cards like Land Grab and the Advanced Mill/Estate cards for example and combine cards together that make sense like train time cards and even unit upgrade cards.

The card roster for civs is bloated and could have used a culling. I’d rather have fewer cards but more useful. Quality over quantity.

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The cavalry one is useful if you want prolonged age 2 with cavalry. Normally cavalry takes significantly longer to train that infantry. So that card helps a lot in keeping the pressure. E. G. When playing lakota i almost always send it among the top 5 cards if I’m doing an early game pressure.

The building of an extra stable or two only costs a small sum of wood at far lower cost than the card tier value so I don’t think it’s sensible to use it.

The only time it’s useful is when they are dying at a very rapid rate such as in a ffa where you have to flood units to make a wall breach.