Let us ban 4 instead of 3 maps in Ranked, maybe?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in Ranked you can currently only ban 3 maps. The ranked map pool has: arena, team islands, nomad and for some reason megarandom. All of these don’t play “standard”, as opposed to the rest of the maps:

  • team islands is a water map.
  • nomad is self -explanatory
  • arena has you shielded from early aggression
  • megarandom self explanatory

You can’t currently just “pick up and play” what in the community constitutes a ‘standard’ game, in the current state of the game.

Another, perhaps better solution would be to let us select the map type we want, or give a standard arabia 1v1 matchup which is the most common thing you’d play in HD and voobly.


I love arena, lol. Arena good map.

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Agreed, although I’d say Arena is more standard than BF.
The real problem is the lack of maps in the pool, there’s a bunch of maps from recent tournaments that should really be in there. Naturally a bunch more bans would be needed, ideally just enough to eliminate all non “standard” maps as you call them.


oh yes absolutely ! Arena is great, but it doesn’t showcase your skill as an all-around AoE player as you’re unable to provide (or withstand) early aggression. In any case it is definitely the least “non standard” of the ones I mention, and definitely good for displaying your ability to fast castle or just boom in general.

■■■■ you’re right i forgot all about black forest… man I wish we could just pick the map pool we WANT to play instead of bans, maybe that would be the best solution?

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The reason map bans are limited to 3 is because with 4 map bans there is the possibility of two players banning the entire map pool since there is only 8 maps.

It’s the same reason why you get no bans in 4v4 and only one ban in 2v2 and 3v3.

So for this to work, the size of the map pool would have to be increased.

The reason the system is ban-oriented instead of pick-oriented is for the same reason, the matchmaking system doesn’t have to care about whether or not players picked the same map or not, it can just give you the best match up.

Introducing an extra map ban and/or a pick-based system would increase queue times drastically.

Bad argument I see too often… It all depend on how you have implemented the system; Just don’t match guyz with 0 map in common. And don’t say that would significaly increase research time. Nearly nobody ban arabia in 1v1… Chance to get 0 map in common are really low. I think it’s 3 ban because the goal of team is to force to be good in more than one map type. More maps or maps rotation would be nice ofc.


It’s likely not something the matchmaking system is programmed to look for at the moment and I think making it do so is not exactly a trivial task.

I think once the map pool rotates a little bit more often, people will start to appreciate it.

At least I hope, I’m a fan of how it’s set up so far.