Let us see decks from lobby please

Many times players quit treaty games when they see their coplayers card decks. Please make it possible (as in the old game) to see players decks from the lobby. This would remove the problem with players quitting for this reason.

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I think that happens mostly only in treaty lobby

Normally not a huge issue

Indeed. Edited to specify Treaty games.

It happens because there aren’t any functioning ranks if the ranks worked as they should and not “randomly” as the name gave them (and that the elo starts working well too) there wouldn’t be all these problems but as you can see it doesn’t happen and it won’t happen because we have been asking for functional ranks like the previous ones for over 2 years

That sounds like a good idea to me. Decks can be a clue to find out whether a player is noob or not. Not only does it prevent from teaming up with someone too noob, but also it helps to find out a pro who is hiding his true elo by creating the second account, while enjoying stomping noobs.


Indeed. Pls give us the ability to see decks from lobby. Soon. :slight_smile:

You can tell who is noob by looking at his deck, but you can’t say someone is pro just because his decks are good

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