Let's be honnest, AOE2 DE on Xbox is another game

I know that Xbox players need more practise but it is impossible they can compete with PC players…

When you have a Xbox player in your team, you have much more chance to loose the game…

It is the same game (although some things you can’t do on xbox) and xbox players can compete with PC players.

But my opinion aside, why don’t you disable crossplay if you dislike it?


There is just a big influx of new players to the ranked ladder. The ladder just have to stabilize in the next weeks. Then their rating will reflex their skill again. Just give it a bit of time.


I am curious, what things you can’t do on xbox?

Small stuff that you take for granted on PC, like putting a gather point on a farm if you want to or cancelling a foundation without placing it or having to deselect or pick a new building

Maybe Xbox players use controller to play AOE2, Controllers indeed can’t compete with mouse and keyboard.

Wait, this is really a thing that console players are matching together with PC? Because even if somebody has a Xbox sign, it doesn’t mean he plays on console, just he has a game from Microsoft store (or gamepass, im not sure). Someone told earlier he has 2 different ELO, one for PC one from console


Crossplay is possible but both PC players and Xbox players can turn crossplay off if they want. PC players will then only face other PC players but still be on a rating which both PC players and Xbox players participate in. Xbox players will then only face other Xbox players and also be on a separate rating.