Let's discuss the new Prince-Electors card

Not to mention that germany doesn’t have any cards that boost the stats of native units, their combat cards specifically target units rather than have a broad category.

In short it’s not a great card especially since you might run out of age 2 card slots.

It should ship a royal embassy or allow to train them on barracks

In fact, the effect of using this card is completely different from what the production team wants, basically no one will use this card in the ranking, he cannot attach additional German cavalry, Germany also has its own perfect army system in the ranking does not need this card at all, in the treaty ninety percent of the cases are to choose cuirassiers, very few will choose drummers, in fact, it is no problem to choose cuirassiers at any time, even if the population he occupies has been weakened once, even if he gives you so many options, But most of them are unattractive, of course, with the habit of the production team they may weaken the cuirassiers again to force the player to choose other options, Germany is my favorite country to use in the treaty, previously because their army was too weak to win, the cuirassiers are a good reinforcement, can transport two European musketeers further completed the reinforcement, sure enough, they weakened this card today, this card can only be sent once, To be honest, the cuirassiers of the two population units and the unlimited musketeers sent twice put Germany in a good position in the treaty, and I don’t understand why it should continue to be weakened, it is obvious that if the card is still not liked by the player, the production team will continue to weaken the cuirass to force the player to use other options (Now the drummer option has become popular in the treaty because of the weakening of the cuirassier, and although such a card gives five choices, only one will be chosen in 99% of cases, so it is actually a rather failed card

from what i have read drummers are the preferred option in treaty.

It was because of the weakening of the cuirassier population, from 1 to 2 people. Otherwise no one would refuse a population of cuirassiers

Wettin is the best option. Let’s spam those Saxon beefy Cuirassiers !