Let's Fortify

The gloroious, mighty and magnficent castles;-

Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing! Definitely providing some inspiration for the next city/ keep layout in our regular AOE 2 runs :smiley:

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Instead moving on to AoE IV. Rather AoE II is dead which is decades old and buggy. As I tried out AoE II D.E. a year back and uninsstalled after few minutes play less than hour.

AoE2 is not dead, on the contrary. But wait, you said you tried AOE2 DE?


AOE 2 is dead? From… what angle is AOE 2 dead? It has a pretty active player base. Certainly the lot of us on my side of the globe play it almost daily…

And AOE 2 DE isn’t even out. I assume you meant AOE 1 DE?

AOE 4… honestly, I’m not even terribly excited about it yet, mostly since I have no idea just what exactly it will be. Hard to be excited when don’t know if it’s going to be a Trojan War scene, the War of the Roses, WW 1 or 2, or Star Wars in visual theme. (not to say I don’t care, just waiting for some notion of what we’re looking at first).


probably he means Aoe DE.

I had watch the gameplay of AoE II gameplay on youtube. Amm its buggy and size and shape of graphics is poor.

… is a game from 1998 with hd resolution. you never judge a game by their look.


Buggy how? There was a brief time when AOE 2 HD was having trouble with desync, but that’s mostly been fixed far as I can tell? The game runs just fine, doesn’t crash, most everything functions as you’d expect it to…what’s so terribly buggy about it, occasional balance hiccup aside?

I’m also a little confused about what you mean by “size and shape of graphics”. If you mean unit-to-building scale, well…I have yet to play an RTS in which that was correctly depicted, usually due to UI reasons.

Honestly, I dare say that AOE 2’s visuals held up far better than things like Warcraft 3, or even AoM for that matter.

(Pardon if this comes across as me attacking/ picking on you, that’s not the intention. I’m just trying to get what your take is coming from here).


he probably mention scale units.

why you said that? I don’t think you are attacking anybody.

No I dont take this picking. I take it as a discussion and prefer it.

Which one you guys found intreseting??? Please don’t forget to mention in the comment section as you wish. I found the ones floating on seas as really amazing.

no too much relevant many of them were remodeled , look like more palaces than real castles or Fortress. is a shame. (the video) clickbait if you ask me by the owner.

I prefer some more interesting for example this about Roman Fortress Castellum. pure history, many historical facts. definitions, concepts.

AoE2’s visuals clearly aged better than any 3D RTS titles, AoE3 included; you just can’t beat the details of hand drawn sprite models and textures with a few polygons in 3D.
Just compare the details in these screenshots:


Warcraft 3


And an image from Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, a 2D sprite based game just like AoE2, from 2002, probably the prettiest and most visually detailed video game ever created. Click and enlarge the following huge screenshot to see the details on every object. 3D is still a long way to achieve this level of details.
(click and zoom)