Lets get the King of the Desert Arabia in the map pool!

Today, MembTV anounced his king of the destert tourney. It will make use of a custom version of arabia and he said he will try to get it into the next ranked map rotation.
I have looked a lot of gerations of it and it is amazing!!!
Since we all know that the current arabia is kinda bad, i want to show my support for his idea to get the KotD arabia into the map pool.

Please like and comment to show the devs that a lot of people want this too!


I think that since they change the map with each iteration they want to make this map so absurdly balance, to the point that it gets buggy and mostly balanced in 90% of the game, which 10% awfully bugged maps.

Why not just restore AoC Arabia Script from 1999 - reduce all sheep/boar/dear distances slightly. Make cliffs tiny bit smaller (just a bit - they should still have a reasonable present) - on desert/dry maps add 2 tile large oasis which contains shore fish. Double the amount of wolves to 4 per player, remove the South elevation bias and last but not least, add a 3 deer patch per player (or camels which wont give food) far away from each player to inhabitant the outskirts.

The original mapscript had 234 lines of code, the current DE arabia has 4139 lines - and this doesn’t include the whole referencing to other files.
They are so blatantly overdoing it’s insane

And the sad part, those who order how the map should look like, probably play it maybe once in a year


Simpeler is not better per se.
The kotd version is not at all simpeler, but almost always balanced.
Smt you get a good map which yiu can wall, and sometimes its really open
Its not one to one that you know you opponents map if yiu know your own, but they are kinda equal in goodness so it stays fair

I personally do not want AoC Arabia back at any point. I think cliffs and ponds should permanently be removed from Arabia. Here was my list of suggestions from a while back:

  • More balanced resource spawns for stone and gold, kind of like the current Arabia, but not having resources as far away.
  • At least 1 stone and at least 1 gold should always be on the back of the base.
  • Woodlines need to move closer and have the number of trees increased, closer to 100 trees per woodline. Have two woodlines of this type near the back and side of the base.
  • All players then either get 1 large woodline at the front, maybe 100ish trees, or two smaller woodlines at the front, maybe 50ish trees.
  • The middle of the map is kept fairly open in terms of woodlines, and most of them should spawn out to the side.
  • Hills are still like current Arabia, but no longer spawn within a reasonable distance from the starting TC.
  • Player starting resources, (gold, stone, and berries) cannot spawn on hills. No more than half a starting woodline can be on a hill. Neutral resources can spawn on hills.
  • Elevation is more prevalent in the middle of the map. Cliffs and ponds remain permanently removed from all Arabias.
  • Large hills only spawn in some games. Smaller hills always spawn closer to the sides and sometimes in the middle. A small hill is 2(for the center), or 3(for the sides), or one elevation level difference, a large hill is above that.
  • Boar cannot spawn behind woodlines. Sheep do not spawn at the front of the base, or within 5 tiles of the edge of the map.

11 - yeah nah, Arabia was changed because it was way too easy to wall - and you just want the drush FC or Dark Age full wall meta again. If you want easy walls play hideout or arena

How can you look at this and say “This is not how the outskirts of Arabia should look like”
This is 8 shorefish with 16 tiles of Water - and smaller cliffs (tho that one is smaller than average).
Oasis are what defined this map and small patches of them don’t hurt anybody.

If you would show this pic to any veteran, he knows what map this is

I most assuredly do not want this meta. I personally very much dislike drushing in any way. I do think that cliffs and oases should be removed, because they just look kind of jarring. There is an oasis map if you like the idea of water in the desert.

Drush fc should be meta, if yiu have a good map.
So only sometimes, with quite an investment
The biggest problm with that strat is th wall are a bit too cheap rn, not the map gen that much. Even the old arabia from 2 patches ago was fine for that

I absolutely agree that kotd4 map should be ladder arabia. It’s very randomized and diverse (you can get maps with very scarce wood around TC or very wallable maps, woodline distance from TC is fairly random), so you need to explore before deciding the strat, it’s fair (both players gets roughly the same amount of wood around TC) and adopting the map would finally solve arabia problem once for all and give devs time to develop other maps/aspects of the game

I expect to see varied gameplay with different strategies depending on map gen and quite some variety in civilization choices since different generations favour different civs.

Is there some chances that games end before 50 minutes with this configuration? Resources on hills can be annoying af, but they’re absolutely needed to deliever proper open map gameplay on arabia.

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I do like the Oases . It gives civs like Indians, Japanese and Malay a chance to use their fishing bonus. Its a minor detail that still probably won’t happen in most games, but it makes the map a little more interesting by opening options.