Let's keep AOE microtransaction/battlepass free

Expansions usually mean new civs and sometimes new campaigns, though; which is a ton of work. Plus, a lot of the new content in that expansion will be locked down to the new civs.

Some are okay with making civs as DLC. I guess my preference would be to save civs for full-on expansion packs that are, what, $9.99, $19.99, or $29.99(?), but keep all the stuff not specific to a civ (cosmetic map or weather stuff, for example) as DLC for $0.99 here, $1.99 there, and $2.99 there. Releasing cosmetic packs would have a quicker turnaround time and should have far less dev commitment needed than doing new civs.

Devs and Microsoft can make millions just with the base game and civ expansions. Other updates can be added free of charge just like other AOE games. I don’t understand why some people are so keen on encouraging microtransactions as if it’s their duty to help the company min max their profits?

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I’m not keen and encouraging it, per se; am just a realist. They’re a business, and I’m a consumer. If the only way for me to ever see the type of content I suggested is to have DLC packs at $0.99 a pop – when the alternative is to NEVER get it … which is how it’s been pretty much for 2+ decades with AoE1/2/3… then it’s my decision to suggest it as a potential option so that maybe someday they will do it and I can finally see some of that stuff in random maps I play. You don’t have to be on-board, that’s your prerogative.

You suggest my idea is anti-consumer and wholly pro-business, spinning things with entirely negative connotations and, essentially, berating anyone who devises any non-free strategy to try and get what they want… and yet you’ve probably bought all the AoE expansion packs… which are, essentially, DLC with a much higher price-point than I’m suggesting. You sound pretty keen on high-priced DLC. Why does the delineating point of what’s free vs. what’s paid-for have to be “new civ added”?

You’ll get your “new civ expansion packs.” However, my weather packs, lighting packs, tree packs, gaia packs, FX packs, environment packs, water packs, 4 seasons packs, time of day packs, audio packs, etc., will never see the light of day “for free” if the AoE status quo is maintained. It’s never been done before. Nor have they ever been included in expansion packs. (The trickle of neat things like ‘pumpkin patch’ farms and ‘berry bush variants’ are not nearly the caliber and scope of what I’m suggesting. Nor are one-off maps that get added.)

I’m not aware of too many multi-national corporations that are charities. I bought a PC, why don’t they upgrade my RAM a couple times for free within a few years of my purchase? My cell phone slowly goes obsolete over a few years, why can’t they install a new camera and CPU for free within the first year or two of owning? The cereal I bought today will be gone in a week; I really wish they’d add a scoop of new cereal to my box off every other week for a few months. Where’s the Pepsi/Coke machine to get free refills for a month after buying a bottle? Why can’t I transfer my cinema movie ticket to a friend so they can watch the same movie for free sometime or get a free popcorn with it?

For video games, I do expect some level of “free content” for a while after getting a game because we’re used to it. Hopefully, they give all the packs I suggested for free (included in my purchase) someday. If they wouldn’t in a million years do that for free, at least they know I’d be willing to buy little DLC packs to make it happen someday. And they also know you wouldn’t. So, it’s up to them to do the market research to justify any costs associated with making said content, and do the pros/cons studies, to see if they can afford providing us the content for free.


upgrading a computer
supplying a data byte or giggabyte or a bunch of zeros and ones of content
is two differn’t things

so you saying asking a computer company to supply you with more hardware
so you saying asking for additional data, or additional ones and zeros

is the same?

so buying a house
so buying a picture of a house is the same thing?

now a days devolping games is alittle easyer for many companies

with the new AI programs for making massive maps or recoloring or retexturing stuff
or other things

things aren’t the same like 20 years ago

Gambling on loot boxes and such

or devolping a game and then excluding things so you can piece off the data alitte at a time
for more profit instead of a bulk purchase or such

many of us in the world know buying in bulk you save more

buying a bunch of little bit of things over the weeks months or years

microtransactions and loot boxes and such
been a massive scam for past 30 years

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Battle pass? Wtf why do you want to contaminate the RTS with that stuff?


Yeah, but both cost money and other resources to produce and distribute. As far as I know, game/software developers don’t work for free either. If a game dev needs to give us free content, then why doesn’t a RAM, CPU, or GPU manufacturer need to give us some free goods? Just because one has to be shipped and the other doesn’t? Not good reasoning, imo.

They really feel like scams to you? Seems a little alarmist. I don’t personally have much experience with them, so please fill me in… but the couple or few times I’ve bought little DLCs over the years, it’s to make my gaming experience better. I derive some value from the exchange; the company’s happy, and I’m happy… usually. If it were a scam, I’d be giving money and getting nothing in return, at best. (I remember Madden Football DLC was a little ‘hmmmm… really?’ back in the 2007 time-frame; because there was so much of it. But still pretty far from a scam.)

The cost of games, when adjusted for inflation, has gone down over the years. Sans DLC and micro-transactions, it kind of seems like gamers have been making out like a bandit :wink:

Source: The return of the $70 video game has been a long time coming | Ars Technica

Here’s another interesting page. Buying a 1980s Atari 2600 in year 2020 dollars would cost $853.68…and an Intellivision 1,068.88. But yet micro-transactions are a “scam”, apparently… I see :thinking:

people cheer on companies who give something worth something

like some who give free upgrades and free updates and free content

like someone going car dealer

you buy full car everything in it

it doesn’t get pieced out over time to you
the doors or engines and tires and such


turn a game into a serice instead of a product or a physcial object like a board game or a baseball and a bat

instead games gone digital

without hard copies disk

all are now practically downloadable

these companies knew what gimmicks tricks and other hand types of deals to get more profit for less physcial products**

so many many options in world now to buying something

like shelling out alot more just for a sunroof or something differn’t

so all these businesses conform

and rebuild or restructure and redesign things

and then they call it research and devolpment

some of us been playing games for over 20 years

and have paid attention to certain things

sometimes the fine print is worth looking at

Sneaky backhanded tactices many do

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Good points all around, thanks for sharing! I’ll take them to heart. For the record, though, I don’t agree with “Pay to Win”, and none of my ideas are that. Mine are all cosmetic/superficial, and not impacting gameplay itself in any tangible way.

This one was a little funny to me, though. You’re correct, but it’s funny because on the flip side, there are a bunch of add-ons you can buy with car… almost like Automobile DLC :sweat_smile:

  • +Leather interior
  • +Alloy wheels
  • +Car alarm
  • +Paint protection
  • +Fabric protection
  • +Spoiler
  • +Dash cam
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starcraft 2 had warchest similar to battlepasses.

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It was at the very end of the game and none used it

Huh? Many people love the mecha zerg skin for the zergs and some HUD skins were cool. You can’t deny that many were glad to have warchest even if it was implemented lately.

Do you know why people hate microtransactions and overwhelmingly vote against it? Because scum companies like EA and the likes have an AWFUL implementation of it. Hence, the term microtransaction has such a bad connotation to it now because of the plethora of bad examples that we’ve endured, and I don’t blame the average player for not wanting to take the chance of another awful implementation in AoE.

However, there are good examples. I think the way League of Legends is monetized is next to perfect. You don’t have to pay a single cent to fully enjoy the game - and no, the game doesn’t slow your progression at all because you didn’t spend money.

That said, I think a Battlepass or microtransactions for a fully priced game is nonsense. For me, the game HAS to be free-to-play to have this style of monetization. Making the player pay the $60 base price, and then pay some more to get access to additional gameplay is something I’ll never condone. One of the reasons why I’ll never play FIFA until EA changes their scummy monetization.

So, within the context of AOE4: Unless they make the game free-to-play, I agree with you that they shouldn’t implement microtransactions to the game. There’s no upside.