This system tooooooo annoying. We are getting banned for no reason over and over again.
— Teammates leaved in first miniutes of games and you leaved until 15 min -----> You get banned
— Game has bug, closed in the middle of the game, kick you back to main menu during countdown ----> You get banned
— You lost game in early minutes and surrender ----> You get banned
and more…

I really wonder the mindset of developers. Are they play this game ? I dont think they play this game.


I agree that the current system can’t be a solution.
But the same is for this thread unfortunately.


It will help, they will concern

Well people shouldt alt f4 certain maps because they dont like them ,and play or not hold people hostage. Simple as that if someone crashes only that person should be punished ( i mean if a crash occures well damn but its hard to differenciate between malicious and unintentionally) if it was a crash i think there should be a way to pardon it

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I think dev should give more then 1 ban rights so people can ban map that they dont like.

you get (number of players queuing together)*(total number of maps)/((number of total players)*2) bans (I think). in other words: if you want more bans queue up with other people or play on maps with fewer people. (eg if you queue by yourself for 2v2 you get 2 bans i think)

Would create an inbalance since we dont have enough maps in the pool that we can affort for everyone to have 2 bans i mean 2 bans wouldt sound good in general but if they would increase the map pool size maybe

This is strange. I had games where my teammates left in minute 1 and I left afterwards because there was no point playing alone, but got no ban from it.

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I think the difference is malicicy vs boredom like malicious because they tank elo and wanna climb down or people who just play one map and dodge all others

But to be fair a punishment system like this is right just not the way it is right now since a there should be a way to reconnect only the person leaving first or maliciously delete everything to quit at the very start should be punished i see so many people getting timeouted for no reason but alas the problem are in a multitude like inflation low elo tank smurfs unfair matchmaking

I encountered yet another weird thing about the ban system recently: The game crashed (not due to pc or so) and I got a notification when relaunching stating the crash and asking for specifics. I thought great at least now it differentiates between crashes and intentional altf4 but no I still got the queue ban 11


The crash is likely local and the ban is on server side, I guess if the crash is submitted to server it can create ban dodge hacks.

Not that the security of the servers are strong itself 11

Allready dead again i mean people rightfully gets banned/timouted whatever if they dodge or maliciously alter the game to hinder your own team some people dont get the premise of teamgames it seems

I lost maybe 50 points today because my teammate leaved game in the beggining. God sake. Who designed this system?