Let's speculate a bit: Why haven't we seen a water rework yet?

The Khmer and the Vietnamese (Annamese being the more period appropriate term) indeed had a quite strong riverine navy, though they weren’t as ocean-going as the Chams or the Malays.


Never heard about it. I guess that explains why water game play was “Titanic” ever since.

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Create ships that can actually act as floating platforms for actual units that can fight on water much like they do on land. Add Xbows to your ship, your ship fires mroe arrows. Add sowrdsmen and they can board enemy ships and take them over after fighting off the people on the enemy ship… I mean I know this will never happen, but it would be fun and add so much more depth to water play.


You know this is actually great insight and shows that developers are essentially too conservative and too faithful to the original (i.e.unfinished) version of the game. They should just accept that there are aspects of the game that for whatever reason were just never finished and there is no reason for us to be faithful to them. They should therefore take liberty and enhance those aspects of the game. There is no excuse, especially since we now all have better tools and hardware than we did in 1997 as well as decades of game development precedent behind us.