Dear devs, we appreciate all the effort you put into this game. Mexico’s new civ looks great and it’s cool this game keeps on developing but, I want to suggest you start working on optimization issues.

Since the last patch game became more unstable than it was before. Matches become laggy, units won’t respond accordingly and, at least in my case, I have crashes and disconnection issues more than ever before.

There’s also an issue where if you play big matches >20 -30 min game will start lagging and you have to restart the entire game.

This game uses huge resources for being a standard RTS. SC2, COH2, Halo Wars, look pretty good for their times and still use half of the PC resources Age 3 does.

Here are some screenshots of the most common problems for me:

Stable internet connection and Up to date drivers, so IDK what’s going on.


Eu compartilho da sua dor. Conseguiria jogar o dobro do que já joguei na Steam, mas alguns problemas como os que você citou, me cortam o tesão.

So please, at least fix the optimization issues so we can play properly. ;c

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