Lets talk about lakota

At the moment lakota is really weak. They got a great rework, but ever since the last patch they are super bad. Now, Lakota has huge eco problems in age 2 and the opponents usually have a settler advantage as you no longer have a 5v shipment.

To compensate that, I suggest to give them back a 4v shipment. Otherwise, lakota struggles against eco civs especially on maps without stagecoach potential.

Another issue is that lakota has problems against turtle civs, as tashunke are only accessible in age 4. To fix that, I suggest a card that makes them accessible in age 3 again.

The last issue are the starting crates. Now, you need an age 1 tp. Otherwise you dont have any tempo. Dont get me wrong, the 200w start was too strong. but I would suggest a 150 wood start. This would enable a tp start without idling.

I am the only lakota player in the top 200. No one is playing lakota.


What a crock. Lakota is not in danger you will be ok.


Normally you want to either go FF or FI with Lakota. This hasn’t change due to the last around of nerfs, but rather when they were reworked.

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No thanks. And thank god Tashunke are Age 4 now.


In some match ups you need to play age 2, as you just straight up lose otherwise. Imo, a civ shouldnt be designed be viable only in age 3/4.

I’m curious, I’ve never used Tashunke before, why are they so good/fearsome, especially with the game wide stealth nerf?

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I pointed this out at the time of the rework. Their age 2 is too weak. You most definitely shouldn’t stay in age 2, regardless of match up. May I ask which match-ups are you referring to?

I agree, anything else is just bad Civ design. I’m generally in favour of devoting more and longer Age2 action to the game anyway. However, I don’t agree that Lakota is too bad in Age3 or Age4. I mean then instead of 8 Vills in Age3 it should be only 6. Or adjust something else.
But just giving back 4 vills without changing anything in Age3 or Age4 would be too strong again imo.


For stay longer in age 2 may be they need 4 vills, age 3 i think they are still so good, but yeah if we want more age 2 action i feel the same at least in 8 games i used the civ, there is only 1 viable strat with some variants, but still the same strat.

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I wholeheartedly agree with your points. from my perspective, lakota right now feels really rewarding when you win, but mostly because it requires you to actively outplay your enemy on all fronts during age 2. FF doesnt hit as hard as it did, semi ff is not really that strong if you go for bowrider, and the missing 5 vills just slow everything down.
I like the direction they were taken, it feels like they are to a degree more versatile, and a lot more dependent on their infantry in age 2, which is something I approve, but overall the civ is just in a bad spot in my opinion.

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I agree that Lakota now need benefits, but at the moment the only realistic benefit I see is providing 4 vills at age 1 as before or 4-5 vills at age 2.
I don’t like 150 w as an initial crate, maybe the same crates as the Haudenosaunees (500f 100w) is the way to use.

Tbh I’m glad fewer people are playing Lakota these days. They’re really annoying to play against!

I think they’re fine currently, they were ridiculously good before so I’d be hesitant to change anything. I imagine they also still have a high win rate.

in a large mass tashunke are good. but they are really expensive. also you need their siege in age 3.

the matchups are brit, italy, mexico and russia, sometimes china for example.

they defo need 4v age2 and 3v age1.

I can see that they can be annoying to play against. in the top 200 its really hard to get an advantage with lakota over your opponent

maybe they are good in the lower elo, but in higher elo nobody plays them

I don’t see why brits would be an issue that force you to stay age 2, they will be busy booming so they can let you go age 3.

I can see a problem with russia and mexico (assuming they rush or revolt). But semi FF should still work.

Not all brit players are boomers. Anyway the brit boom is overated. Sure you can get more vils but at the close of the game your just as likely to be out resources as anyone else. A game recently I had 60 vils and alot of upgrades and still got beat by a Dutch player with a fraction of the manpower.