Let's talk about team game lag

Is anyone else having issues with lag in team games?

  • No, Rarely happens
  • No, I like Lag
  • Yes, sometimes
  • Yes, far too often
  • Yes, makes me want to uninstall
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I love AOE2, but the frequent lag / choppiness in team games is very frustrating. I will have games where I have 300 FPS, 50ms ping, and it feels like I am watching a stop animation film. Completely unplayable and unenjoyable. Since DE came out I avoid all 3v3 and 4v4 games due to lag but lately even 2v2 has been a lot worse, maybe 1 in 3 team games are unplayable. I know it’s not on my end(F11 stats). Not sure if it’s due to xbox players, or people are circumventing the performance test required to qualify for online play.

I understand fixing the core game code to prevent one player with a potato PC from slowing the whole game down is probably out of the question, but can there be some way to filter these players from ranked matching? Can we have an option to filter which server regions we play on?

Talking to other players I know I’m not the only one experiencing this, please participate in the poll.

Yes I would love this, I swear people circumvent the benchmark test on purpose

Yep I’ve seen posts on reddit like this to boost score. Some tweaks might be legit, but I think some people are artificially boosting their score just to pass the test, then reverting back those tweaks.

I think that option exists; at least when I’m in the Ranked screen, there’s a message at the bottom that says “cross-region play is enabled. You can turn it off in the Options menu”

Oh: I have a potato PC and my benchmark test advices only 1 v 1. I would never dream of circunventing the results to ruin the experience for people in team games. If you find someone who does, apply to him the full might of The Law.

I think you mean cross-network which matches you with Microsoft/Steam players, don’t think it has anything to do with geography.

Oh, yes, sorry.

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