Let's talk about the British

A lot of people ask it lately.
Imo, civilization is fine, but it needs a little redesign, it’s extremely popular right now.


I voted for -100 wood/+100 coin and to repeat my reasoning, it either removes the 2 manor start of slows it down by forcing some wood chopping (like with inca 3 kancha or china 3 village start)

also allows for more flexibility since thats extra gold for musks in age 2 or allow for easier ff.


I vote for -100f crates, but honestly not sure which is the best option, for me the age up time to the age2 is the key, since they can put in a bad position other boom civs like japan/dutch/sweeds in the very early game, the other boom civs has slow build orders or slow age up, in the other side, is super easy stop an early push with tower, a lot of maners and walls, then you get 50 musk in your base that can stop every strategy (FF/Boom/FI/Turtle).


I voted for “they fine as they are”. They lack skirms, highly micro and macro intensive…

Instead I would like to update all European civs to keep pace with newly added civs…

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Agreed this constant tinkering is bad for the game. Just tune the new stuff and leave the old civs as they are.