Let's talk about the Minuteman

In my opinion, it’s a ridiculous unit, it needs to be balanced as soon as possible.

These are my suggestions, obviously you don’t have to apply them all, but I think that applying some is enough.

Have their HP always drop to 1 HP like normal Militiamen when they are away from their TC.
Give experience per death.
Increase the price and recharge time
Set a creation limit of only 15 Minutemen at a time (natives cost no population and have a similar creation limit)
Move the “United States Marines” card to Industrial.


this should be the minumum

also marines should be heavy infantry like musks, right now they are only infantry


but marines don’t have multis vs cav, no? if anything they should just have more normal hp for a ranged inf

I dont mind them having multi vs cav in melee once they become marines tbh

to me the problem is that in age 3 they are built like a musk with melee resist and high base atk so the only thing that counters them are cannons (which they counter) and lancer which are still limited by the melee resist. And since they are not countered by skirms they just break stuff.

They just feel too rounded of a unit.

If we dont add a heavy tag, then they do need some more all round stat debuff, cause just having vet musk stat at base (so it scales higher) and not countered by skirms is quite dangerous

They’re fine, absolutely no issue with them. USA need them particularly in early game because they have no town militia or similar card to defend.


Minuteman: Another settlement needs your help I’ll point it out on your map.
Me: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Joking aside, I think they should only lose health if they’re far from town centers and outposts.


are you joking or are you serious ?

22:15 This guy was speaking truth from the very beginning

Jokes aside I’ve never really had much of an issue with the minutemen themselves, I’d argue to say that I think US is just doing well right now because with KotM the meta is shifting away from rush into more midgame-fortress play no?

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Broken Walls shouldnt give marines after Texas (?) card


if marines were musks, i think all of our problems would go away right now

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It’s not like you can train them whenever, and any trained up until fortress when you send marines will drop to 50% HP. You only get a decent mass once you send the age 4 card. They’re hardly an unbeatable unit either with just melee resist.


but think about it this way, alot of those points can be made for the militia army that is accessible after town militia card, and those dont get shadow tech or have hp at only 50% (or just not lose hp) and that is already considered pretty strong.

and atleast for the militia army you also need resources, you cant stop the timer for the marines

Not sure what you mean by stopping the timer for the marines? They always cost resources.

They are just 1 of the unique features of the usa, no civ is the same and many others have other benefits. Usa itself though strong in treaty has always been mediocre in supremacy and only recently does it regularly get placed in B tier. It’s far from one of the strongest civs and nerfing 1 of it’s small bonuses will just send it straight to D tier as we’ve seen happen to inca and port.


sorry i meant the minutemen in that case

Im not saying that they cant have the marines, I am just saying tat they need to be heavy infantry once they are marines.

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Stop nonsense talk! US don‘t have town militia shipment and all TCs share only one batch of minutemen , that’s why US need special minutemen.
100 HP minutemen is a compensation for US weak military in early game both for defense and map control. 1 HP away from TC, increasing the price and recharge time nerfs will make US too weak in age 2.
Training minutemen don‘t get experience, therefore death of them also don‘t give experience.
Minutemen cost 1 population but natives cost no population, so such creation limit for minutemen is unreasonable.
Moving the “United States Marines” card to Industrial means you kill 1000w-3 TCs-US marines-Culpeper minutemen strategy. Stop to be a RTS killer.

Why don’t you talk about SS tier Italy? Their issues are much worse. Such as monster lancers in age 2, 9min30 unstoppable FI combined with great eco and military shipment in age 4, 5 speed Bersagliere with stun ability, Barbary and Argentina revolution, etc.


Solid points, well said.


Not to be a nitpicker but Argentina revolution is crap. Was nerfed to oblivion, grenaderos should have the heavy cav tag dropped.


A previous poster made a great comment that needs seconded. It does seem the game is moving to a mostly FF model. With several civs having a route to a super fast age up they always use it. I can’t tell you the last time I was rushed by Otts. It’s always the FF to the most op lll card of the game. The saphi. That civ is particularly lopsided at the moment. There are others but they are definitely the worst offender.


They should get a X0.75 vs cavalry on their ranged attack maybe

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With all due respect, the minutemen need some adjustment, and the US army is not that bad, the regular is a very good musketeer and the skirmishes are one of the best at early ages.
If the USA is weak in the commercial age, it needs other types of adjustments, but that does not justify having such a powerful unit at its disposal, you cannot justify any OP unit in the game simply because the civilization is weak in other aspects, if that is the problem, the coherent thing is to polish the civ a bit (in this case in early game) and nerf the problematic unit in question (minuteman in this case).
Setting a creation limit on Minuteman is very reasonable, considering that the “Town Defense” card has been nerfed a couple of times already because of the abuse people were making of it, the US Minuteman mechanic is similar (although not same) and for that imo deserves some adjustment.

I don’t believe in killing strategies, but you have to admit that this strategy is too powerful, and as I said above, nothing justifies it.

If that’s your opinion, that’s perfect, but I invite you to write a topic in this forum to be able to debate these things, please don’t bring it to this topic.