Let's talk about the Russian Nerfs literally nobody asked for

The changes seem like an overall buff. You lose out on 5% stats on three units and eco theory. In exchange you get cheaper Westernization, massively improved melee on several units, a small buff to streltsy, and 15% more health on musketeers.


It seems like a more balanced Russia, less age 2 rushes more age 3 play. Still think age 2 viable, just more options overall now.

Boyar: gives 10%/15%/20%/25% extra HP/attack in age II/III/IV/V.

Then restore the 15% and put it in age 3.

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It’s a permanent nerf to their eco which will hurt their momentum to getting to Age III and IV, simple as that. Russia will have an even harder time getting there and then they have to commit to sending those cards and basically making it an Age IV play all around.

Trust me, this is a nerf for Russia across the board apart from Treaty.


dont spend more attention - we have to accept that this forum is inflated by casual players

I m not casual, and i m good with the nerf


So a buff early and late game. This would make the card a no-brainer : why would you ever not send it ?

yeah bro i know because you hate cossacks and Russia :smiley:

i will never forget our discussions on FPL about 1919191919919


Eco theory would only be breaking even versus a resource shipment about the time when you’re hitting age 3.

The changes are going to hurt your age 2 slightly (mostly the Boyars and settler train time nerf), but after you hit age 3 all these buffs are going to kick in and you’ll be better off overall.

Russia’s age 2 problems aren’t really related to these nerfs. Their main issues are population constraints and not having solid anti-cav. Cheaper houses would probably be enough to shore up their age 2 weaknesses. One way they could do this would be to change the quartermaster to send a little less wood, but also provide a discount to housing costs (sends only 350w but also makes houses support 12 pop).

yes, maybe that was the solution.

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They could definitely do that but I think people would rather have the card in age 2 at 10%.

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Russian units were cannon fodder as they were already. Reducing the Boyars card to 10% was a horrible decision. The Russians were not broken, they worked as they were for sixteen years.

Removing Economic Theory has noticeably affected their early and late-game economic capabilities as well. As tiny as it was, that 10% boost helped a lot.

No, these changes were a huge mistake and seeing how many people share my opinion in this thread demonstrates that not everyone wants the Boyars card to be at 10% as you say.


Never said everyone wants it at 10%, When someone said it could remain at 15% but be an age 3 card I said people would probably prefer it in age 2 as 10% rather than move it to age 3.

Russian units are supposed to be weak and cheap, they trade efficiently with other units and 10% HP and attack is still fine for an age 2 card and even a bit ridiculous as it effects 3 units.
Age 3 strelets can get a combat card and have an age 4 card, cossacks and opris get cav combat, it’s not like this is their only upgrade. Compare the upgrades to other civs, and most get a card in age 2 that effects either hp or attack by 15% not both and to 1 unit type, not 3.
The issue is russian playersare so focused on age 2, likely why the devs want people to use them later on as well. Russian players see boyars as their only upgrade card when it’s better than what most civs get so early and later on they have plenty of good upgrade cards for all units.


You said people would, that’s close enough to be synonymous in this case.

Boyars only affects three units. There are many cards in the game that are even more broad and affect entire categories of units. The Boyars card was never ridiculous.

Regardless, the changes they made to the Russians this time were bad and unnecessary.

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I disagree, it was and still is an incredibly high value card to get in age 2. I don’t think there’s a similar card, especially a card that buffs 2 different unit types in attack and hp that synergize well together, not in age 2.

I play as Russians, French, Ottomans, and Germans for the most part. The Germans have a similarly-powerful card like this in Age 2 that grants 15% attack to three categories of units. While it doesn’t grant HP in that case, it affects much more than just three units and it’s a team card.

The Boyars card is too weak at 10%.


Then you guys need to choose. Game has a standard. It is either HP or Attack card if it is at Age2.

So choose. 15% attack or 15%hp card? Which one is more beneficial? Myself would go with 10% hp and attack together. The old stats were just wrong…

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I hope you’re not comparing team cavalry attack to boyars lol Firstly 1 of those 3 groups are shock infantry because it’s a team card, germans have no shock infantry so it’s only effecting 2 unit types, hand and ranged cavalry. So in the end for germans that card is exactly the same as regular cavalry attack card that many civs have.


Different civs are different and have different strengths.

Boyars was never too powerful. Combined with the other nerfs that will ultimately allow less cossack and strelets to be out on the field overall in non-Treaty situations, it’s a huge blow.

Guarantee you this is a huge mistake, sounds like you just have a bias here.

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