Let's talk about the upcoming Balance Changes

My biggest fear now are the Greeks on water maps, they now have all warships with fast speed… :flushed:

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Greeks are overpowert.


Carth now on a water map is the most DOMINATING CIV. Why? It can consistently get the dock before 3 mins and just do a run away boom. To a very skilled player it’s similar to 35 villager shang in rise of rome. You gain extra food and wood. The takeaway here is a good carth can just dock IMMEDIATELY and pump villager + fishing boats right away.

Granted you don’t have the faster tc boom like greek , or cheaper shang villagers like shang, no discounted wood cutting or faster villagers. What you have is a immediate bonus in food which you can translate to instant get ahead villager count and cash in early with a faster time. This is why carth is scary. experts will just match with a fast time to other players. With carth this means more villagers/army then other players because the most common map size players can reach to other players quickly.

This is a very intimidating civ now and would argue the best civ now in the game.