Let's try to get AoE3 to the RedBull!

It is a very stubborn plan, but not impossible, we have nothing to lose by trying!

So I humbly ask you if you can support us with a like and a retweet.
Let them know we are here!


Admirable but unlikely, 22k people on aoe2 compared to 3k on aoe3. Not worth it to them with such a small audience.

A longing to see that kind of events in aoe3de

Well,we all know that it is impossible with such a low player base. But I support all your efforts

Is possible!


I support and like your idea although I think the game needs a “bump” and not just a “push” in order to get there because out player base is small (but steady).

Our only “bumps” were from the times DLCs were made available but it’s not that trustworthy judging by the last times.

Is there anything besides re-tweeting? I don’t have a Twitter account. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think we can be like a side event in the main event

Excellent initiative. I hope it bears fruit. The only bad thing about AOE-3 is how unpopular and underrated it is.


sadly no aoe 3 https://www.redbull.com/wololo

also … aoe1? do they get an update?^^

I’m happy for AOE1. I prefer the faster pace of 1 over 2.

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thats sad for aoe3, sincerly its sad and just why add aoe1 and not aoe3, this is super unfair


Im happy aoe 1 gets some spotlight, since they got like nothing for the last 3 years… but i think aoe 3 should have been included as well… also looking really bad/strange to have 1, 2, 4, in a row since it shows everybody smth is missing in the middle^^’


Their treatment on AOE1DE is horrendous as well. Literally abandoned for years. No contents. No fixes. No mentions. Ironically this is probably the first time in many years that they acknowledge its existence.