Let's unify list of unfixed bugs/new desired features here

Hey all,

Just wanted to provide a list of unfixed bugs that my friends and I found during the gameplay.

This is not an official list of monitored bugs. It is just an attempt of trying to keep an eye on the most important bugs and not lose track of them.
If you discover a bug report that isn’t yet linked here, feel free to post it below.

Let’s try to unify everything here to help DEVs to look at one single post to retrieve all encountered bugs and desired features!

Bugs List/New features:

  • Health unit bars need to be clearer
  • Auto-attack actions on units should be smoother (e.g. following and attacking someone with A, unless it’s out of sight (in the fog of war))
  • The camera needs to be fixed on high mountains (it’s too zoomed in)
  • The camera also needs to be fixed on water and sometimes on land (e.g. I ctrl+1 some units (to group them) and then I click 1, what happens is that sometimes it just goes to the last event instead of going to my group of units, 1, in this case))
  • Client needs to be smoother and clearer (I can’t even understand when I’m in a group? :slight_smile:), the party should be something like League of Legends client lobby
  • Give the possibility to choose a colour before playing
  • A way to private message in-game
  • How units interact with each other is a bit clunky (not consistent with enemy and ally units)
  • Leaderboard in-game when the ranked system is live
  • Hitboxes are buggy, needs to be more precise (an anchorage system needs to be implemented)
  • Waypoint from the sky instead of being a line coming from buildings
  • Customizable Hotkeys
  • A training/practice tool/mod where you can test some counter units and strategies quicker (like the practising tool in League of Legends)
  • Reporting overview at the end needs to be improved and bugfixed (when you finish a match and go back to the match history sometimes you need to log out and log in again to see the correct match history (because an old one is provided). Graphs need to always show the same colour used in-game. All of the ages need to be shown on the graphs. On the Statics overview, all of the ages need to be shown too, not just until age III

Many Thanks,

Lotta good stuff here. However, it’s one bug per post and most of these are suggestions that should go in the ‘discussions’ category. Doubt anything will come from this post if not re-posted correctly.

Thank you mate! Let me move it to the discussion sub-category then! Cheers!

POST HAS BEEN MOVED HERE: Let’s unify list of unfixed bugs/new desired features here


We typically have a lot of information to get through in a set period of time, and I know that I definitely prefer to see only one bug per post. In general it is easier to understand, log for the team, have discussion around, etc. It’s also easier for people to search & find, should they also want to check if a bug was logged, or check if something is a bug.

That said, I appreciate the gusto with which you are all diving in. We really do appreciate it! Many changes coming in the future to address all of the bugs and problems people are finding.