Let's vote about the view of sportsmanship in 1v1

Some players are more inclined to be positive about the game if they happen to have positive feelings throughout. Those same players might take a drastic turn in behaviour if even one thing ticks them off. For instance I’ve had a teammate who got pissed because my buildings or base happened to be built slightly in his/her base area and refused to play because of it, walled in friendly resources, etc. Griefing in general is childish, and I suppose is to be expected to be seen from time to time when a player is immature and undisciplined in how they conduct themselves online.

Those who have positive feelings taking enemy boar yet show signs of griefing in even the slightest form when on the receiving end be it with lack of gg or taunting the enemy because of it or simply showing negative behaviour are immature sportsmen. Laming boar is a good part of the game and if one loses their boar with one method or another, they can do better next time and would do well to learn from their experience.

Losing a single boar is easy enough to come back from. A second boar loss is troublesome but is also something that can be worked around.

Honestly nowadays I just go full laming, it is the only way to counter laming. I always type gg at the end tho.

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I don’t hold it against people who boar lame but I will probs just quit if they do. If they want the win that way they can have it, its just not how I want to play the game. No hard feelings though, I will still give a gg.

You also missed people who say “gg ez” off the list. Don’t know why but that always pisses me off.


Yea, 100%, a lot of people could be more gracious in defeat, you just won the game mate, chill.

I for one am a simple gl hf, and gg wp’er, common courtesy and respect for your opponent, whether they’re better than you or worse, even if you lame the ■■■■ out their boar or have messy dark age militia and vill spam.
I truely don’t understand what gets the cocky-victors off about spamming you how easy it was at the end, like sure a bit of sarcastic gamer culture sometimes, sure whatever, but theres a line of enjoyment there.

Also once been accused of being a smurf and laughed at after loosing a game? That was one of the weirdest experiences. xD

I don’t see anything wrong with that. Sometimes you know in Dark Age that the game is lost. When you’re down hundreds of food and can’t even click up before a dozen scouts show up, no way to produce spearmen and they’re breaking through your quick-walls.

No reason to struggle from a bad position for an hour, just gg and let them climb the ladder. At some point they’ll get knocked back down. I value my time much more than my elo rating anyway, haha

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I go with the scourged earth policy if you lamed me. If I could cause you physical harm, I probably would in the moment, although I’m usually a pretty nice individual who tries to make people happy.

But lamers are just showing their true colors in my opinion. Crap people who can’t win without abusing one of the crap mechanics of AoE2 that has never been replicated in another rts on purpose. They probably kick puppies.

i think lameing is a great part of the game. lamers should be celibrating by doing what they can to gain a slight advantage. to me laming boars is no more annoying then getting scout rushed or outmicroed


Like I said, you probably kick puppies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The difference is that getting out microed or out rushed requires skill. Laming really doesn’t and is pretty rng based.

I agree with you…!

It’s not something to celebrate. Laming isn’t like being rushed or outmicroed, those are both using your skill or strategy to outperform the other person. Laming them is deliberately sabotaging their chances, and although I wouldn’t ban it, I wouldn’t hate it if players couldn’t attack boar that had been assigned to other people in map generation.

It’s a lot more than a slight advantage. It puts you up 340 food, puts them down 340 food, delays their age up times and speeds up yours, allows for military on the field before they can counter it. It also gives a psychological edge, and they may well waste time scouting for a boar that they can’t find, simply because the other player stole it. That is my opinion.

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I still hate the laming mechanism, but nowadays I just do it as I cannot prevent my opponent from laming.

Also sheep laming can be used to punish absolutely greedy people who push deers before they find all the sheeps (you would be amazed how many people did that - it is not like I want to lame, but if I found all my sheep and pushed one deer and I can still find your sheeps then they are mine)

once again, I would like to point to laming boar actually depends on luck more than skills most of the time.
Every 1500+ players are capable doing this.

I think boar laming is alright, just that it can be balanced. Nowadays people can get away with two hits on scouts and thats too easy imo.

Just because they can do it doesn’t mean that they either do or should do it.

I found that most of the twitchers I follow, they dont do laming and they dont like opponents doing laming or resources walling at all.

I am just curious is there any difference point of views in different elos.


I think Viper lames the most in tournaments tho tbf

Also MbL lames a lot in RM as well

This is slightly off topic, but the other day I had a guy who paused a handful of times. Then when I tried he wouldn’t allow me to. Ended up winning and talking a bunch of crap which made it more worth it.

Those are the worst. They’ll pause for themselves yet not allow the opponent to pause for whatever reason. Had one of those in a ranked team game; they ‘paused’ at the very start of the map stating that they were checking the map seed then unpaused after a time. Later I needed to quickly use the restroom so I paused and started writing the reason only for them to instantly unpause it(and after a few pause attempts) stating that we had to give a reason to pause. We then proceeded into a pause/unpause war.
The game ended by dc’ing after I damaged their scouts by luring them into towers and a repositioned tc while the towers were being constructed and the dc happened soon after the construction finished and everything was garrisoned/scouts damaged(I believe it was mostly consistent of their starting scouts attacking in unison alongside possibly new scouts tho memory is foggy atm.) This was before the reconnecting attempt feature was added.

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He’s still pretty selective about it. I don’t see Viper, Hera, or Lierry lame much even in tournaments. More so because they value scouting. If Viper is playing with a hard mismatch or an opponent who does it, he will. Or hidden cup, but he tries you play not like himself a bit there too.

It depends - I think they actually value deer pushing more and more nowadays (and tbh seems like most of the recent tournaments are glimmicky)