Levant Scenario in the Tamerlane Campaign

I have started the fifth scenario for the Tamerlane campaign, but I don’t understand how to play that game. I have no villagers, and I don’t have a lot of forces. How do I accomplish this campaign?

You need to locate some villagers in the south not fro from your initial position.
Set up your base ASAP and try to raid Georgia, they are the weakest enemy, hold up vs the repeated attacks from the others, mass your army and start destroying markets, wonders, docks, etc… (Use Keshiks to raid villagers) to collect the neccesary amount of gold.

Destroy the base south of where you spawn. Then follow the road, you’ll get a town center and villagers.

What base is it, the Georgians? Also, how do I destroy it?

It is a red (georgian if i remember correctly) outpost with a Dock, a market and 2 towers. Send the rams first and protect them with the other units.

Red will send other troops from the right side, which is where his main base is located, but i recommend not attacking it until you find the TC.

While I was playing the game, I noticed this Persian carpet icon in the top left corner (it’s being obscured by some progress squares).

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