Levelling up the Home City Multiplayer

Hello everyone,
me and a friend are playing a lot of AOE3 right now. We both own the Complete Collection available on Steam.
We have a very weird issue when it comes to levelling up our Home Cities. If we play against each other, we get no XP, even though it says that XP would be awarded.

Can anyone help us?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

Hello, ESO crashes quite often these days due to high player population, resulting in many matches not being registered on it.

You can try using XPMOD which allows you to deal with any XP issues in a short amount of time: https://wiki.eso-community.net/XPMOD

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Thank you for the answer!

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If ESO keeps crashing for you, you can try playing on GameRanger… one night me and my friend got the out-of-sync error every 30 minutes, so we couldn’t play a single game. GameRanger usually works without any issues.

Out of sync error is never caused by ESO. It is a synchronization error between the players in a match - typically meaning one of the players has modified their game files.

It is weird then… Neither me or my friend modified any of the game files. We even tryed Verifying all the files with Steam and the ‘out of sync’ error stil occures…
Any idea what is happening?

one is trying to cheat.

Did you read my comment? Or are you just trying to off-topic?

I said, I’m playing with a friend… none of us is cheating, we are playing against the AI…

Read it. Still, like Eagle said ( AOE3 veteran of the best ) OOS never happens coz ESO.
Eather one has changed files or is tring to cheat. Verifying the files, doest let steam check if there are more files than usual. It only checks if something is missing or changed. Maybe you should check if you friend is trying to do smth with a trainer or cheatengine.

When playing multiplayer, (I think) you only gain experience if the lobby doesnt only contain players from your IP adress / LAN.

No clue what I answered to in below text…

more stuff

In AoE 3, there exist 2 or 3 different savefiles for Exp as a Home City grows through gameplay.

One is ‘Multiplayer’;
playing LAN does not count as multiplayer.

The second is ‘Lan’

A potential 3rd (if not same as LAN is ‘Campaign’.

There is something called ‘Skirmish’, I am pretty sure it counts with LAN.

When playing AoE3 LAN, the Home City level doesnt update until you enter the Home City Window, preferably, you could change some deck and/or add some card. Now Exit and restart AoE3.
You should only need to do this one time, then the gamefiles should be found easier for the computer.


  • Out of Sync Error -
    Is often caused by some error of information between the two computers.
    So check the LAN connection, including firewall in computer,
    approvance of program to operate,
    firewall of Router/Modem,
    other reason…

Typically its the firewall or some bug with incoming phonecalls ending the connection ;(

Hopefully, someone else has some better input