Light unit/tech info is not good for causal player

Current the unit and tech information is very concise in the game. You don’t know the effect of unit upgrade. Many hidden mechanisms are not explicitly mentioned.

E.g. best of bee has no damage in water, French keep can accumulate reduction buffs, cut trees reduce risk hunter hud……

The devs may want to be friendly to causal players so they won’t be overwhelmed by all these information. However, causal players won’t be matched with causal players only. They will be matched with players who watch YouTube videos to learn these values and mechanisms, putting them in a disadvantage place.

In a nutshell, light in game info is unfair to causal players. They may feel easy at the first sight of the game but their opponents won’t be as naive ad them. The devs can simply give an option like “full information” as well as the current “smart tutor”.

All these information don’t need to be shown during the game but at least should be shown in the tech tree. Current tech tree is useless.